Erotic Words

Hot Tub: John filled up the hot tub. Once the water had had reached the right temperature he motioned Kelly to get in. He looked at her body, taking in her shape. Her full breasts, the curve of her belly, the mound of her pussy and those long legs he loved. As she slipped into the water he turned on the spa and the water began to swirl around her. He stripped off his clothes and sat in the hot tub across from her. He motioned her to him, she rested against him her back to his chest. Looking down he could see her nipples beginning to harden just under the water. He reached up from behind her cupping her breasts, and then began caressing them teasing her nipples. He heard her moan and this excited him, his cock began to harden, pressing against her. He rubbed her nipples, pinching them making them swell even more. Her hand reached under the water to touch his cock. He felt her fingers wrap around him, moving up and down. He pushed her forward till she had released him from her grip.

pussy prague
One of the most frequent erotic fantasies: Naked on the rooftop of a big city. Only helicopter pilots can see nude bodies in motion.

And when I’m returning from so far away
She gives me some sweet lovin’ brighten up my day
Yes it makes me righteous, yes it makes me feel whole
Yes it makes me mellow down in to my soul…
from Crazy Love by van Morrison

You’re In My Dreams: I stand in the doorway wearing only a robe, waving to the children as they run up the hill to the bus stop. I watch until I can see them no longer, shutting the door behind me. I turn on the CD player and soft music flows through the house setting a relaxing mood. I walk back into the bedroom, the curtains wide open letting in the sunshine and wrapping me in its warmth. Like a cat in a window I lay across my bed feeling the heat of the sun against my body, so warm and comforting. My eyes close as my robe falls open, feeling the heat touch my soft golden skin. I must have dozed off because I didn’t hear you come in or feel you move onto the bed and lay beside me. My eyes are still too sleepy to open. A smile of knowing shines on my face. I feel your breath so soft like a gentle breeze against my skin. You reach up your hand laying it softly on my cheek, your thumb slowly moving back and forth on my face. You move it down and softly trace the fullness of my mouth. A deep sigh escapes my lips. I feel you move closer, your fingers moving to my chin pulling it towards you as you move to me, pressing your lips to mine with pressure of desire and love. Fast and Deep: In lovemaking, you reach those moments when it’s time to turn the passion up to a fever pitch, to flame higher and burn brighter than your daily mind thought possible. Throughout the Kama Sutra, Vatsyayana extolled the power of love that consumes you. And as always, he thoughtfully provided positions that will propel you both into a fiery frenzy. At that intense peak, you become absorbed in a longing to devour each other, to merge your bodies so intensely that they become one.

Helpful as ever, Vatsyayana gave precise instructions for postures that connect your bodies so deeply you’ll erupt in an explosion of utter satiation. In this final chapter on lovemaking positions, you’ll learn those spectacular poses, as well as how to combine them with touches and thrusts that will inflame you even more. Use these positions when you want to build excitement for both lovers very quickly:

1. Standing Suspended (Sthita)
2. Standing Supported (Avalambitaka)
3. The Cow (Dhenuka)
4. The Deer (Harina)
5. The Tiger (Vyaghra)

The Cow (Dhenuka): The Cow is basically a standing, rear-entry position. You bend at the waist, touching your palms to the floor or grasping your ankles. Keep your legs straight or slightly bend your knees, whatever feels most comfortable. Bent over this way, your derriere is proudly presented, with your engorged vulva fully exposed to plunder by your lover. The sight is extremely arousing for him. Standing behind you, he seizes your shoulders or hips and pulls you in for intense penetration.
Excerpts from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Supercharged Kama Sutra
by Al Link & Pala Copeland

Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women: Allow yourself to be drawn into a fantasy world like no other…where a beautiful princess is seduced into a love triangle with a handsome prince and her winsome maid… where a mysterious gentleman’s young bride is deliciously disciplined for her unchecked curiosity … where a naïve daughter is married off to a beast of a man whose carnal appetites awaken her budding desire …. With a unique and decidedly adult twist on thirteen classic fairy tales, Nancy Madore intrigues and arouses with her titillating, sizzling anthology of erotic stories guaranteed to keep you up late into the night. You’ll never look at fairy tales the same way again. Office Affair: Sarah sighed. It had been a hard day, and as usual she felt as if nothing had been accomplished. There were still orders to fill, phone calls to make, emails to read, and all she really wanted to do was head home and go to bed. Actually, what she really wanted to do was go to bed with Steve, the handsome temp secretary who had worked in the office for the last few weeks. Ever since she’d met him she’d been lusting after his well-built body. It didn’t help that he was also a very sweet guy with a cheerful smile. She always felt happier whenever he was nearby, not to mention an awful lot hornier. All Night Long: “It was supposed to be Lola Wright’s dream trip a “safe” erotic cruise with her fiance culminating in a sweet marriage at sea. Now it’s a nightmare. Not only has her jerk fiance jilted her at the last minute, he’s also wiped her out, leaving her with no way to pay the charges he’s run up on board. Unless… The ship’s hotter than hot Greek captain, Captain Skandalis, has a unique solution. Lola can work off her debt by giving herself to him in service for the duration of the trip. She will relinquish all control, shedding every inhibition as he presents her with fantasy after sensual fantasy. Losing herself to forbidden desire wasn’t in Lola’s carefully drawn up game plan, but once she discovers how sweet it can be to have a man sail her beyond all boundaries of pleasure, there’s no turning back …”

closet strip
Spending the day in the closet trying sexy clothing and panties and retiring into masturbation. A dream many girls have. Of course that is after they were shopping.

Neighborly: She stayed wet long after she left Bekki. When she heard the garage door go up, she was still trying to figure out how to tell Mike about her afternoon. “Hi, baby,” he greeted her and slipped both arms around her waist. “Mmmm, you’re so warm today.” He nuzzled her neck. She inhaled deeply and decided to waste no time. “Yes, that’s what Bekki said, too.” “Huh?” His breath stayed close to her ear but now his hands were over her breasts. “Bekki next door?” “Uh huh.” She put her hand over his hands and together they kneaded her tits through the soft sweater she wore. “Why would she tell you that you were warm?” “Because she was doing to me exactly what you’re doing now.” He said nothing but she felt heat rise from him now, too. It helped that she wasn’t facing him – it gave her the courage to tell him everything. “Tell me what you did, Marisa. Don’t leave anything out.” His cock, suddenly hard and urgently pressed against her backside, sensed excitement.

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