Women’s Fighting

Appreciation of fit and athletic women who perform exceptionally well becomes the core of every fighting fan who looks up to female anatomy. They do kick guy’s ass just as they punch other women in the face. Watching them fight and throwing punches at each other until they bleed and get knocked down might not be everybody’s favorite imagination. Observing their training and pre-fight posing does ceretainly entertain those who enjoy well shaped, sweaty femmes.
Are women’s fights different to those of men? Observers tend to say women are more ferocious and emotional when it comes to attacking each other for a prize or title. When they smell blood they won’t back down or take a step back. They do lack punching power based on anatomy so it looks a bit helpless. But that might be a bonus as less knockouts happen. Fights continue for a longer period of them and more action means increased entertainment.
Ronda Rousey, Liz Carmouche (UFC 157), Cat Zingano , Miesha Tate , Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Claudia Gadelha and Holly Holm have become very famous UFC fighters who earn money with blood sweat and tears in the octagonic cages. Jessica Bopp, Regina Halmich and Agnjeska Rylik are famous boxing champions and don’t forget kickboxing lady champ Christine Theiss from Germany. Many of them have undressed and showed their bald vaginas in gentlemen’s magazines like Playboy for example. Jesica Bopp was exposed on ESPN’s nude athletes feature that drew large interest from a global audience.

Jesica Bopp

Many photographers opt to use fitness studios and boxing gyms and backfrops for erotic nudes with athletic women such as Petter Hegre. Instagram is filled with half naked kickboxers and MMA girls flashing their tight, ripped bodies with self confidence wearing nothing but women’s boxing gloves. The commercial porn business has picked up on the demand for women’s wrestling a long time ago. It’s a mix of competitive wrestling and lesbian porn that’s presented on Submission and Surrender for almost 2 decades. Some of the hottest actresses like Akira Lane and Tia Ling have participated here to mention just the Asian babes among them. They are fit as hell.


For many years female fighting has been less serious, but times have changed. You better pay attention or the chicks will slap you right in the face.

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