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After picking up another street slut from Soi Thaniya, where she normally fucks the Japaenese guys, I found why she had short hair emo look. I think those Japanese punters like that kind of dress. She was friendly for a Patpong street whore and specialized in anal intercourse. Over there you will find the type of Thai girl you like, check them out, there are some pretty stunners among them. Or are going for the cheap street trash like me? Yeah, it is hard to believe that this fresh out of school 18 years old doll faced Thai slut, really doesn’t mind to suck my dirty cock on a daily basis. Yeah, as older and uglier one guy’s cock is as higher the charge goes, and this pig tailed bar girl newbie knows all the dirty tricks to make an older man boner on vacation hard. Well, we are a little bit of an unequal couple, and at times some ugly foreign wives can not believe their eyes when I’am taking a walk together with my hot Bangkok gf. My sexy teen whore knows the value of an older fellow, because these type of mongers are not so stingy, like those who come for some low season bargain pussy to Bangkok. Anyway I made some dirty Thai porn for you, so that you can see my naughty girlfriend naked, as she is sucking my dirty dick in my apartment, where she comes usually every morning to give me my daily wake up blowjob. I really don’t care how many guys are bonking her later, as far as she brings my breakfast and my newspaper punctual to my room.

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See what Mr. Klaus has fucked: Steelrod Klaus was quite busy this week, trying to chase some gogo chicks for one more fresh episode of his homemade porno collection. This time he went out and did a risky bareback scene, with one cheap Thai lady, which he met in a club, where those bitches line up in order to get properly fucked. Yes it is true, she wasn’t one of the very sexy dancers there, but she was the only one, who agreed on fucking her ass without a condom. Honestly, it didn’t matter how cute her face was, because he only concentrated on pumping her snatch and not so much on her other assets. You can visit Mr. Klaus website to see all the hookers he has screwed until today on video, or just stick with his hardcore pics. I always enjoy his naughty candid photos a lot, because I often recognize some Bangkok ladies, which i personally know. My long time buddy and ex Philippines custom officer, that helped me to do all kinds of shit legal and illegal, ended up at the hospital this morning. We were celebrating his 80s birthday, together with his colleagues and a bunch of Filipina whores and partying hard throughout the night. Although he is an lively old man, he used some pills to improve his declining sex drive, along with all that alcohol he drank. He was going crazy and freaked out while booty shaking with those hired strippers. The dancing didn’t affect grandpa so much, the collapse occurred, when he picked a young Filipina hooker and took that little bitch upstairs. We were still joking and laughing, as they went under the shower and we took some funny photos of of that unequal couple. It was a kind of crazy situation, when he seriously broke down and the naked Pinay did some resuscitation attempts. Of course successfully, as you can see granddaddy happy gain in his hospital bed.


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Important! If you got her mobile number or you know her please be so kind and leave a comment. By the way everyone is free to post a comment and i encourage you to share any of your Thai stories, whether good or bad by using the comment form. I will post it as an official Thai porn blog posting. After i have recovered from some serious Gonorrhea, which i caught in one of these local and cheap bordellos around Chiang Mai, i swore to myself not to fuck any tramp older than 19 years in my life again. My new plan was to look for some cheap meat, but this time not necessarily from a cathouse. Smoking some strong ganja and doing a little bit of brain storming helped me to refine my old method of picking up sluts from the brothel. I went to a market and bought a sexy and shiny silk dress before i appeared at the campus, where you can normally find the cutest, freshest and sexiest pussy you can dream of. ImmediatelyI saw a tall Thai coed and asked her if she would like to have that red and black mini dress as a gift. Girls all over the world are the same and you can bet on it all like new clothes all the time. Nana was not different and she knew that i will bang her hairy pussy, if she wants that gift from me. As you can see on the sex pictures, she was looking awesome in that dress and her long legs in stockings let her look even sexier. She naturally knew how to strike a pose for nasty photos made and she was fast unveiling her nude ass under her red thong. I switched my camera on in HD mode and filmed that young Thai coed while i was screwing her unshaved vagina to a climax. She later told me her cell phone number and to give her a call when horny again. I prefer it this way, it is better to give a small gift to a young girl and to get some fresh pussy in return, than to be fucking cheap sluts and later paying for the doc that cures bacterial or viral sex diseases.

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