Tiny Willy Loser

Sasha has booked a technician because her telephone is broken. He says he can’t repair it until he comes back the next day with some components, but he still requests his initial fee. The three ladies are less than impressed and inform him they can sort something out – but when they sit him down and begin caressing his groin seductively, they find he has virtually nothing in there! They take his clothes off against his will and then giggle at the absence of a bulge. When his boxer shorts come down they laugh even more at his small willy and Sasha even refers to it as a “Borrowers” dick after the Disney film featuring little people. The three women begin taking turns to stroke the small dick while joking around and taunting him for his lack of length. They tell him his small penis would never satisfy any of them but this appears to turn him on and he starts cumming – which makes them laugh at him even more! You got a small penis? Well don’t look for any sympathy from our women. They are only interested in huge penises and anything else is simply there to be embarrassed and joked about. Massive penis hunks can satisfy them whenever they like but you tiny willy men can only dream about fucking women this gorgeous. Click here to see exactly what our ladies would do if they set eyes on your useless willy.

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Tanya is discussing with her friend Krystal about how she has never set eyes on a small penis in real life. Unknown to her Krystal’s new man is extremely small and she offes to show Tanyalet Tanya take a look when he returns from work. As he enters, the two girls jump on him and force him to reluctantly take his clothes off as they watch. When his boxer shorts come down Tanya can’t believe howminute his penis is and says, “is that it?” before erupting with laughter. She observes Krystal wank his cock with two fingers and then attempts it herself. She chuckles at how her palm overshadows his penis and torments him by comparing him to her boyfriend who is hung like a elephant. “It takes big long strokes to wank my boyfriend’s dick, not like this tiny thing!” she laughs at him. The humiliation seems to arouse this sad wanker though and he has an enormous ejaculation that hits Krystal’s blouse and his own stomach. The ladies agree that at least he jizzes a lot but they still wouldn’t fuck him as his penis is too minute to feel anything.

He was hoping to have a laugh with two geeky teens but the bigger, stronger girls soon sorted him out. He ended up as simply a sexual play thing for the women’s enjoyment – if you enjoy watching guys helpless at the hands of gangs of gorgeous girls then go there for more scenes from PurecFNM.

How embarrassed can you possibly get? Being measured against another boy by two stunning girls and being found inferior! So you have a small penis, that’s just the way it is. Do beautiful girls really have to rub your nose in the fact that they will never screw a small willy wanker like you? Well, yes they do in fact and at Hey Little Dick they are VERY good at it! Click here to see more of their scenes.

Girl Makes Boastful Boyfriend Show His Small Willy To Her Friends: Jess is explaining to friends Amanda and Vivian that she has not fucked her new boyfriend yet because she recently felt the front of his trousers and there didn’t seem to be much there. When he comes home the women question him about it but he starts gloating about how enormous his dick is. Jess forces him to show them but he refuses and says he doesn’t want to or her friends will get envious of her. After bigging it up, the women are desperate to see but when he finally pulls down his trousers all it reveals is the smallest dick they have ever seen! It looks like it’s only about an inch long and the women laugh at him and ask if it grows any bigger. They sit him on the sofa and carry on laughing and taunting him about the size of his tiny dick. He is surprised that they aren’t full of praise and as they begin] to [[wank it he grows to two inches and the ladies laugh even more that this is full size. With the three of them stroking his cock he soon shoots but Jess immediately gets rid of him and orders him out of the house! “We don’t date small penises here,” say the ladies. This sexy woman was expecting her new lover to have a massive willy to service her young lustful body but when he took off his pants she only saw a worthless maggot. Pretty women only date well endowed men so this little dick loser didn’t stand a chance. Click here to see more movies like this one where pretty ladies humiliate men with tiny willies.

Female Runners Discover Boy Jerking Off And Take Over: Four girls are out jogging in the countryside when they approach some farm buildings. Lola stops dead in her tracks as she is stunned by what she noticed through the window – one of the farm boys sitting on a tractor milking his dick over an adult magazine! Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as the ladies watch him jerking off for several minutes and then burst in on him. He is humiliated and attempts to cover up but the girls won’t let him and hold his arms apart so they can get a better inspection of his penis. They ask him if he wants a hand and the lucky boy soon has all four of them taking turns to milk his throbbing hard on. The hotties appear to love his dick and almost fight over who gets to wank it next. All the attention soon has the boy spunking all over their hands giving the babes a great laugh before they jog off to continue their exercise. What a lucky man, getting four stunning hotties milking his cock – and this guy isn’t even a porn actor! He was simply a member of PureCFNM who e-mailed in saying he wanted to take part. Click here to find out more about PureCFNM – the number one Clothed Female Naked Male site on the internet where the members are allowed to actually get involved in the films themselves!

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  1. Long before I became aware of femdom and really I haven’t been exposed to but the slightest bit of porn…..I have been actively attempting to arrange to be treated humiliatingly by groups of hot females and never even knew ANYONE else had similar drives!! Please, please, puhleeze put me in one of your video’s!!! I’m cute but I have a very small penis well deserving to be utilized by groups of women to amuse themselves and so they can enjoy an otherwise useless little peenie to indulge their desire for humiliating men with a little cocksuckers weenie. ..please

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