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On the many occasions people enjoy hot Thai, sadly it’s only culinary rather than sexual satisfaction that has been forthcoming. But refraining from bitterness and giving you thoroughly objective take on Thai pussy Cuties, which looks like being quite a tasty dish itself. Thai pussy is way different than the Japanese and Chinese version of the pie.

busty Thai
Mo Chada is one of the stunning Bangkok models on Thai Cuties. She is one of the view who is also seen in hardcore sex scenes.

All of the girls featured on the site, and there approximately 100, are Thai in origin (they look it an it more certain than on other similar sites who tend to play you). Most Cuties are certified massage models and fashion starlets in Bangkok as certified my media and advertising. They are pretty much all under 30, some probably under 20, and they all look like Asian glamour models – in other words very pretty, tight-bodied and cute. Quite a lot have plenty of pubic hair, too, which seems quite common for girls from that neck of the woods.

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There is plenty of variety to the action, ranging from ultra-softcore (undressing, showering), to slightly more raunchy posing, masturbation and quite a few hardcore scenes too, some of them girl-girl. There are quite a lot of outdoor scenes, mostly in gardens and the like though some in semi-public places. Whatever the action, there are usually plenty of close ups, and with 2000-pixel photos and a top video resolution of 1440×1080 for a good chunk of the videos, that means you get a very good view of proceedings indeed.

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Video options are somewhat bafflingly complex, especially for the latest scenes, but there are a couple of high def options in there. Updating isn’t especially rapid – you can expect maybe a couple of new photo galleries per week, and far fewer videos, but the content levels are quite decent overall so there’ll be plenty to enjoy, at least initially.

nana plaza
When people describe their perfect Asian girlfriend, they will mostly match this Thai model’s description.

Navigation is also a bit cumbersome. There is a page for the latest updates, but otherwise browsing is by way of the model index alone. It doesn’t seem to be the most robust production all-round really, with a rather cluttered design and a distinct absence of information about file sizes, resolutions and the like. But thanks to the good quality content I found that I could live with these issues. Thai Cuties is a fantastic Asian site, with superb photography and some very nice high def videos.

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