Taco Shop 3

Six one on one guy/girl scenes, and for those of you who, unlike me, wish there wasn’t anal sex in what sometimes seems like 90% of all the porn movies out there days, you’ll be pleased to know only the last of these scenes contains any anal action. Only two of the names here ring a bell with me (Veronique Vega and cover girl Renae Cruz), either because the other four of them are relatively unknown or, just as or more likely, because I’m still vastly more up to speed on the names of (Caucasian) European and American pornstars, than Latinas and other ethnicities.

taco3In any case, I found all six girls pretty damn hot, and their performances and the scenes in general are pretty much up to the usual high standards from Zero Tolerance, including some great blowjob action, probably in particular the fairly rough and rather wet throat fucking with Laurie Vargas in the last scene. Aside from that the first three scenes stood out in my opinion, in no small part because Veronique, Renae and Angelina Valentine are the prettiest of the bunch. Nice big racks (some fake, some natural) on four, arguably five of the girls, and the DVD does indeed have “big tits” as a subcategory at ZTOD. Some sexy stripping at the beginning of each scene. It would have been great if they had actually used the outdoor locations for one or two full scenes though, rather than moving indoors every time for the actual sex.

I wish there was more anal. But since that’s not really a con for the intended target audience, I’m obviously not going to hold that against Taco Shop 3. Laurie Vargas has a very hairy pussy, and while I don’t crave clean shaven at all, a thick bush tends to be a bit of a turn off for me. I’m sure some of you will strongly disagree though. If you have an aversion to girls with tattoos, as surprisingly many men seem to have, you might want to stay clear of Taco Shop 3. Some of the girls have several, or in the case of Elena Heiress in scene 5, one large one covering most of her back. If you’re looking at the “play time” number at ZTOD, wondering why it says 230 minutes when AEBN says 149 (plus 13 minutes for the behind the scenes content only available at ZTOD), it’s because they can’t count, or read a simple number from a video. At least that’s gotta be the only reason I can think of why most of the scene and DVD run time numbers at ZTOD seem to be pulled randomly out of someone’s ass.

Cassandra Cruz
From Digital Dreamgirls: Cassandra Cruz. She is one of hundreds Latina pornstars on Digital Desire.

Not that it really matters of course, a 25 minute porn scene is in most cases (barring some orgy and gangbang scenes perhaps) preferable to one that stretches on for 40 minutes.

Taco Shop 3
Five scenes, (approx. 162 minutes total)
Starring: Veronique Vega, Elena Heiress, Renae Cruz, Laurie Vargas, Angelina Valentine, Gabrilla Romano
Studio: Zero Tolerance
Production year: 2008

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