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Pamela Spice and girlfriend

string chicaDo you want to know more about Pamela and her hot Colombian girlfriends. Ok, here is what is important. Pamela Spice is from Medellin in Colombia. When observing her images, look at the surrounding areas. See the hills, the green mountains and the city with it’s low and midrise apartment building. Yes, that is Medellin. Just do a Panoramio, google or yahoo image search for terms like Medellin landscape to find striking similarities. Pamela’s hot images can be found on two webistes. Of course, one is her own page, where she poses solo and with her friends.

She and many other chicas from Medellin in Colombia may also be found on another website that is known for more explicit content and run by a genius producer. His name is Pacino. A guy from Miami Beach in Florida with great connections to Latin girls in Colombia, Venezuela and Yankee land strippers.

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Hopefully, you will enjoy your experience with Spice girls presented by Pacino. You may well find yourself attracted to Colombians after seeing in juicy moments. Maybe this will increase an urge to travel to Colombia? Probably, the answer is yes.

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Hastalavista chico!

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