Juggernauts 5

Juggernauts 5 is the, surprise, surprise, fifth DVD in this pretty entertaining big tits/anal series from Mayhem, a studio that’s made a lot of really good movies, particularly anal and group sex (you can find 71 of their DVDs at VideoBox, including most of the Juggernauts series, and AEBN has 78 titles). Most of the six pairs of tits on Juggernauts 5 are fake, but even for a guy like me who generally prefers them natural, most of them sure as hell look very impressive in action. The standout scene here is the first one on the DVD with the amazing brunette Carmella Bing (I’ve been watching a handful of her videos lately, and I’m definitely not stopping here) who is joined by the equally busty blonde Dakota Cameron (it’s them on the DVD cover) and a lucky guy.

dvd xxx cover
An impressive presentation on the DVD cover for Juggernauts 5.

The scene is very hot with lots of tit fucking from both girls, Carmella in particular, in the first 10-12 minutes, followed 15 minutes of blowjobs, pussy fucking and anal with Carmella Bing. Of the remaining four scenes, number two and five are probably the best. The blonde with the huge fake tits in scene two, Danielle Derek, is more than a little enthusiastic and the sexy MILF Carolyn Monroe (she’s 38 and started her career back in 1990, AEBN has 85 of her movies) puts on a great performance with two guys in the last scene on the DVD, which includes plenty of tit fucking, blowjobs and nearly ten minutes of double penetration in two positions.

Overall Juggernauts 5 didn’t quite live up to the expectations I had before I started watching it, and it’s definitely not anywhere near the best I’ve seen from Mayhem. One really good scene, two pretty good (and the one with Carolyn Monroe probably the only one of those two I would bother watching again) and two I frankly found rather boring (no anal in those either, but I don’t really think that’s the main problem). I checked out the other DVDs in the Juggernaut series and based on an admittedly rather brief scan through some of the scenes, they seem to follow a similar pattern. Considering VideoBox has four of the DVDs and AEBN all five, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a whole lot of hours of entertainment from this series though.
I also think one of the reasons I’m a bit underwhelmed (with Juggernauts 5 as well as the rest of them) is the lack of more than very few girls I’ve enjoyed watching before, or even just remember seeing at all. New faces can be a good thing, but watching your old favorites is very often better.

Juggernauts 5
Five scenes, (approx. 118 minutes total)
Starring: Carolyn Monroe, Dakota Cameron, Regan Anthony, Carmella Bing, Kala Prettyman, Danielle Derek
Studio: Mayhem
Production year: 2006

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