The Latina Sex Story

Alex looked at the Salvadorian beauty standing across his den. He had met Violet a few years back at a block party in their neighborhood. She was a good kid and a go getter, that and she had all the boys and men in the area sniffing at her butt constantly. She was a notorious flirt, and frequently got him worked up. Her youthful look and the braces made his libido stir. Today’s visit was not flirting. Shortly after Violet turned eighteen she was on a date. Alex was driving home late that night spotted her walking along the dark roadway alone and stopped. It seems her date had wanted her to put out and she refused. Then he threw her out of his car. Alex picked her up and drove her home. He could see she was frightened and held her hand comforting her until they walked to her door. Violet surprised him with a kiss.

Since that night seven months ago she frequently stopped by his house to visit. He sensed she was getting a crush on him after the first few visits. Alex was flattered. Two months ago, she made a change in their friendship. Her family was out of town and she stayed at his house. They both drank wine most of the evening and then out of the blue she unzipped Alex’s shorts and went down on him. That night he was not sure about the incident and blamed the wine. They both ended up sleeping in separate room. Violet was a bit quiet over coffee and juice the next morning. Finally she said, “Alex, I really wanted to do that. I like you and felt like you would enjoy it.” She was right. “Thanks Violet,” he said starting to get a hard on. After breakfast she blew him again.

That incident led to more visits and blow jobs. They didn’t have intercourse, just oral sex. The play developed into Alex eating her out after she sucked him off. It surprised him when he learned his mouth was the only one to taste her sweet pie. Today she showed up wearing a very sexy outfit. Alex had invited Violet to join him at a beach side restaurant for lunch this afternoon. As bad as he felt, he knew the date would end with him getting sucked off and maybe tasting her hot Latina pussy. Do you like my outfit Alex?” she asked. He looked as she showed it off for him. “Yeah, the top is a bit revealing,” he said feeling his cock harden as he saw her dark nipples pressing against the pink mesh see through top. She laughed, “Yeah, my mom says it makes me look slutty. It’s okay with the small sweater over it.” He teased back, “It works for me,” admiring this small dark haired beauty. Alex offered her a wine and they relaxed. She took the black top off and tossed it on a chair. “Damn!” he said seeing the top.

It turned Violet on watching the thirty year old Alex shuffle. He no longer tried to hide his erection when she visited. Today it was obvious his cock liked her her clothes too. Pleasing each other was not uncomfortable anymore. Each just said what they felt. “I’m sorry babe. I got to have you for an appetizer before lunch,” Alex said. She giggled. Violet loved him eating her pussy and fingering her. He knew exactly what to do to make her cum. He walked over and pulled her to her feet. Alex kissed her and cupped her nice firm breasts. “Ohh, I like that,” she moaned. Violet stroked his hand pushing it down to her crotch. He could feel the heat and dampness coming from her pussy. She fumbled with her short skirt letting it drop down her legs. He probed her slick outer lips and nibbled on her soft neck. He loved the slightly sweet scent of her perfume. “Ughhh!” she grunted as he worked a finger into her wet hole. Violet ground her hips on his palm as he started to slowly finger her. Violet’s inner muscles clamped down on his fingers. Alex maneuvered her gently and lay her back on his leather couch. He knelt down and opened her legs. The smell of her sex was so pleasant. As Alex pressed a second finger into her, he bent down and flicked his tongue over her love bud. Violet tensed hard, “Oh fuck. Yes. Right there,” she gushed out. She just kept gasping as he ate and finger fucked her. He seemed to know just where inside to press and touch with his fingers to send bolts of electrical thrills through her body.

Alex leaned between her spread thighs and sucked on her breasts as he pumped his fingers into her. Violet was leaking huge gushes of her juices on his hand. Even though they had never fucked, this sure seemed like it. She was not a virgin, that was lost a few years ago. It just seemed that she and Alex had silent limits they both accepted on just how far their sex play would extend. “Uhhh, ahhh!” she grunted grinding her hips into his hand as he touched deep inside with his fingers. He tugged her small nipples with his tongue. It was not long until Violet stiffened, Ohhhhhh!” she yelled as a huge orgasm hit her brain. Alex kissed her face and chest. He slowed his fingers letting her enjoy the rush of cumming. Violet gasped and laid back. She could see his cock swelling in his pants. Leaning up she opened them and wrapped her mouth around the flesh pole. Alex tugged his shirt off and gasped. Her small mouth was so hot and wet.

Now it was her turn to make Alex feel wonderful. Violet enjoyed sucking his cock. She liked the way she could use her tongue and lips to make him shudder in pleasure. His cum tasted so good. He liked that she was a swallower. Gently he fucked into her face with his hips. Her mouth made sucking and slurping sounds. Violet tried again to deep throat Alex, but only choked and gagged. She was determined to be able to do it for him one day. She rubbed her pussy with one hand and held onto his leg with the other. Alex was just groaning in a fog of enjoyment. He liked the way she would bring him to almost cumming and stop, leaving him in a huge state of rush. Sometimes she miscalculated though and he ended up cumming all over her face. Violet’s small breasts rubbed on Alex’s thighs. He could feel the bullet like nibs brushing against him. The light hair on his legs stimulated the sensitive buds. She occasionally gasped having a mini-cum. She could tell Alex was getting pretty close. He was leaking large amounts of man juice on her tongue and gasping. Violet looked up at his face. It was filled with joy from her mouth. “Alex, fuck me. Cum in my pussy,” she said. He opened his eyes and looked confused. “I want you in me!” she gasped almost pleading as she leaned on the couch.

Alex looked at her small frame as she pulled his cock to her pussy. He held her hips and pushed deep in one thrust. “God you’re tight!” he gasped entering. Violet wrapped her arms around his head and shoulders. She pushed her body up to his. More of his cock slipped into her intimate folds. He was thicker than the other guy she lost her virginity to. It felt so good, but yet a bit painful. Her legs trembled as he slowly began to pump into her wet slot. “Yes, make love to me,” she moaned between gasps. Violet’s body slid on the couch as Alex pressed deeper. Her vagina clasped hard on his cock. It felt like a velvet glove holding his shaft. His mouth traced over her neck and chest as he pumped. His cock head was on fire from the friction of her tight tunnel gripping it. Jolts of sensation raced through him. “Yeah, yeah,” Violet mumbled. Alex began to feel his orgasm building. He began to shake and groan. She sensed it and hugged his body tight to hers. She wanted to feel him ejaculate in her pussy. “I’m cumming!” he growled through clenched teeth. Alex’s hips and cock started to jerk. Violet felt the first burst shoot deep into her depths. She rolled her hips up to his letting him shoot cum deep. “Oh God,” she whined feeling more of his hot seed shooting into her hard. She had sex bareback before, but this was the first time she let a man cum inside her pussy. Alex could feel his huge load gush into her and leak back around his cock. He had always enjoyed that sensation on his cock in a woman.

Both of them were gasping. Her earlier orgasm had continued all the way through him fucking her. Alex’s hips jerked a few last times. He kissed Violet and sucked on her right tit. She looked at his sweaty face and smiled. The whole act had lasted less than five minutes, but was one of the most incredible things she had ever felt. Alex was experiencing the same. He could not remember the last time he came so hard. One last time he pressed hard into her. Violet gasped softly. Alex looked into her eyes and smiled. He knew that she felt as good as he did. Still gasping he asked, “What brought that on?” Violet smiled and stroked his chest, “I wanted you to feel good. I did,” she whispered. He wanted to ask if it was okay he came in her, but not right now. His eyes looked between them. His cock was still halfway in her pussy. He imagined as he looked at her flat belly the millions of sperm in her. It was excited to him that he had cum in her. Violet pulled his face to hers and kissed him deep. “You did it deep in me. I could feel the hot spurts against my insides. I want to feel that again later,” she said very softly. She held him and then said, “I am hungry. Are we still going to lunch?” Alex laughed and said, “Yeah. Can we come back here afterwards?” Violet giggled. “Of course!” he said. She laughed and caused his softening cock to be pushed from her vagina. They both laughed feeling it pop out. Alex looked down. No cum was running out of her, “Yeah, I did come deep,” he said.

Alex leaned away from her and got up. His knees hurt from the carpet, but he didn’t care. Violet could see a light coating of cream on his now limp cock as he started to dress. She grabbed her panties and slipped them on. Deep in her belly she felt the hot puddle of his sperm. It felt good. She watched him dress and felt a twinge in her body. She really did like Alex. It did not bother her he was twelve years older. Hell her father was almost twenty years older than her mom. After using the bathroom and straightening up, she looked at Alex. “Do I look okay?”. He glanced up and down her sexy body. “Absolutely fantastic,” he answered. She was still a bit flushed from sex twenty minutes earlier. She giggled giving away her eighteen years, “Thanks. This will be a first. I never went out on a date full of a man’s cum before. It really turns me on that just you and I will know.” Alex laughed, “If you keep talking like that, I may have to undress you and make sure you are full of it!” Violet made a face and grabbed his hand, “Let’s go. I am starving.” Alex had no clue he was the first to cream her.

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