Sizzling Sirens

Sizzling Sirens is the solo girl site in the Exclusive Porn Pass network, a professional-looking outfit that promise entirely high-definition content in a range of otherwise entirely hardcore niches. These sorts of sites and networks are plentiful enough of course: has this one got what it takes to make a mark?

Anyway, what we have here is some pretty standard masturbation videos of some pretty standard European models wearing some pretty standard slutty clothing. Nothing outrageously original about the content, in other words. ‘High definition’ is the draw here, and in fairness the technical quality of the videos is great, perhaps with a few colour problems here and there. The choice of four video resolutions (albeit all WMV) should keep most people happy, too.

The watermarks are disturbingly large and do destruct from her tight pussy.

There is a professional feel to the content, particularly in terms of the models and locations. The videos are quite lengthy affairs, starting off with a seductive strip followed by masturbation with toys or fingers. Some of the girls really go for it, others adopt a more relaxed approach. None of it is remotely original or especially convincing, but then naked girls touching themselves is usually enough entertainment in itself. Marks lost for the large, distracting watermark on the videos, however. Each video has a corresponding picture set, which is also good quality though a little over-photoshopped for the tastes of many. There is also a huge collection of bonus movies, which aren’t a patch on this site’s own offerings.

The home page could use some work: members are presented with a large screen capture for each update in the site, together with six preview pics for each of the bonus sites and some for the other bonus movies. This gives a fairly bewildering first impression. It would also be helpful to split the bonus sites section up into different pages. The annoying file-naming system (by bitrate instead of model name) is also bound to frustrate. On the other hand, the combination of the video and pictures for each update on one page works quite well, with the four streaming and download options clearly marked and no pesky clicking through multiple pages to get to the pictures.

Although the content here is high quality, the site fails to distinguish itself in any other sense. It also looks like updating has ground entirely to a halt. That said, if you like the look of the rest of the network, a membership fee as low as of $10 a month can’t really be sniffed at.

Nude artist is under heavy image enhancing.

Homepage: They are not affiliated with the Burlesque dancing show from San Francisco House of Sizzle.

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