Sexy Sparring Match

tatami fight

How do you like two ladies against each other on a sparring match? You’ll like them more when they’re doing that while in their sexy bikinis! These ladies know how to fight and they prove it as they punch each other’s belly. They punch hard and really painful. But as they do that, they still know how to maintain their luring hotness. You wouldn’t want to mess with these girls or else you’ll at Female Fighting. Hard punches in the stomach make these wild ladies scream in pain. But those punches are what also make them even stronger and even more determined to beat up the other and reign supreme. These ladies may be in bikini but that doesn’t matter and they actually do not even care as long as they are able to give all their strength and defeat the other.

Asians do it best: Lesbians from Japan

Due to endless hard punches on the stomach, powerful Japanese mistress was able to keep her foe down on the ground. She’s just so powerful that her poor opponent cannot anymore get back at her. Both of them are wearing bikinis and their built are a perfect match, but the winning lady’s skills are beyond compare! The poor lady is on the ground but still, her powerful opponent. Ladies get jealous and insecure some times. And when they do, you never know what they can do. Check out this mistress here, who’s wearing a mask, to hide her identity. She’s tough and she will do anything to prove to anyone that she’s in power. She pulled a helpless lady’s hair, punched her on her stomach and smothered her using a belt. She did this continuously and without holding back at Female Fighting. They both have fierce look and they both have enough strength to defeat each other. One lady is able to punch first and she gave a hard blow against the opponent’s stomach. Trying to get back, the other lady attempts to lock her foe so she can freely punch her as well. She did raise the opponent’s arms up and began punching her stomach continuously. This is definitely a close fight and … at Female Fighting.

bikini wrestling
Competitive female wrestling in bikini. Image courtesy of

Endless punching doesn’t seem to tire these Japanese ladies, and perhaps they’ll just stop when one’s down and the other claims victory. While in sports bikini, one lady throws a hard punch on the other and that made her fall down to the floor. She pulled her up once again and began throwing more punches on her stomach. Luckily, the losing lady got back up on her feet and managed.

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