Euro Fight Girls

Euro Fight Girls occupies the popular female wrestling niche – you know, the one where naked girls beat seven shades of sh*t out of each other and then kiss and make up by shoving dildos in each others’ pussies. Lovely. The sets are somewhat makeshift. For many a proper wrestling ring is set-up, and the girls do wear authentic robes and other kit, though much of the content has an amateurish shot-in-a-bedroom look to it. The scenes typically kick off with some chat from the girls in their dressing rooms before it’s time for showdown. In keeping with other erotic wrestling sites, the action is a pure mix of wrestling and lesbian sex.

Things can get quite aggressive (these girls look like they could hold their own in a proper scrap), but eventually the porno angle takes over and the focus is purely on the pussy licking, dildoing and so on instead of women fighting. Oddly, there is one scene with a dude in it, though he doesn’t get ‘excited’ (so to speak), he just sticks some dildos in the girls with his tiny dick flopping around.

There are 15 videos so far, of which 13 have corresponding photo sets (the ‘Boob Wars’ movie is split into three parts). Sadly video quality is pretty woeful, with colour issues being the most obvious problem (tellingly, the footage looks like it has not been recently shot). The two download formats offered (Windows and M4V, presumably for PC and Mac users respectively) are at a similarly low resolution, though scenes are quite long at about half an hour for each. A little surprisingly, the images are actually sharp and very large (3000 pixels), but given the choice I think most people would have plumped for better quality videos.

German hookers wanna fight for Euro and lust.

It does seem there is rather more style than substance then here, alas, and comparisons with the incomparable Ultimate Surrender do not do this production many favors. What’s more, it doesn’t look like the site is updating anymore, so unless you’re interested in the dozen other sites in the Burning Ticket network I’d think long and hard about whether you’re going to get the value out of this one.

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