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I’ve now officially retired as a used panty seller, and about to set off for my long-overdue European holiday. I’ve had a ball making my panties all damp and creamy for you and thoroughly meeting such a varied and friendly bunch of panty sniffers, panty sellers and other sexy folk who enjoy the finer things in life, like sniffing dirty used panties 🙂 Thank you for making my two years in the business such a fun time. There are a few of you out there who have especially made this enjoyable, you know who you are and I love you to pieces. One person in particular is a stand out, a true angel amongst women, and undoubtedly the world’s foremost panty seller, and that’s Amber from Amber’s Nectar Used Panties. Amber has been and remains a true friend, supporter, confidant, and subject of my infatuation. Amber, thank you for everything. I love you and I know we’ll keep in touch long after we’ve both given up this sordid little fetish 🙂

While I don’t plan to update this site any more, I will still keep my Tumblr blogs, Emma’s Used & Dirty Panties Tumblr and the Large Labia Project. There won’t be as many new pictures of me on there, but there will always be sexy beautiful ladies in panties or showing their delicious large labia. It’s time for me to go, so – it’s so long, and thanks for all the fish – um I mean fond memories, and orgasms! As a parting gift, here’s a deeee-liteful video of my panty-bestie Amber shaking her amazing pussy and g-stringed (g-strung?) ass in my honour. Enjoy! Hugs, Emma XXOOXX. Hi guys, I’ve decided that I’ll be “retiring” from panty selling when I head off for my holiday. Sad news I know 🙁 I only have a few weeks left to go, and I will be shutting up shop at the end of May. So if you want to get hold of one of my very last pairs of panties, don’t put it off or you will be sorely disappointed!

pinay panty
Maybe an alternative to Emma’s panties. Ask camgirls from the Philippines if they are willing to ship their used underwear overseas. They use their clothing for long time and they are mostly made out of cotton and absorb outflow much better. Doesn’t hurt to chat and ask.

I wanted to let you know that I am planning on taking a vacation and an extended break from panty selling. I’m going to be travelling overseas, and hopefully will be able to enjoy the northern summer. God knows, we haven’t had one in Australia! And since this is going to be an extended break, I might actually decide not to come back. Back to panty selling that is. Sooooooo if you want to get hold of a pair of my panties, some filthy photos, a pussy pop, or any of my other services, then now is the time to do it. What you see on my site is what I have available for sale. That’s it. I’m running out all of my “stock”, and when it’s gone, I’ll be starting my break. So if you’ve been meaning to write, or if you’ve been putting off buying something from me, then don’t wait any longer or you run the big risk of missing out. It’s first in, best undressed. So do it now. My cute friend Flicka will eventually pull her finger out and get her site up and running, hopefully soon, and I’ll make sure to announce it on here when she’s open for sale. You’ll love her. She get’s really wet and creamy, just like Emma.

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