Large Labia

It’s funny how things work out. I was talking with my panty-friend Amber from Amber’s Nectar Used Panties about our large labia. She had posted a blog entry on her site about it, and showed off some sexy panty photos where you could clearly see how meaty she was down below. We got to talking about it more (really I was trying to talk her into showing me her pretty naked pussy again) and an idea started brewing.

I’d also read an article somewhere about labiaplasty, or labia reduction surgery, and how it was on the rise in Australia, and presumably elsewhere. It seems to be driven in part by girls’ experiences of seeing naked vaginas only in porn, magazines and websites etc. In Australia, to receive a lessor censorship rating, pornographers have to airbrush out any obviously protruding labia minora from images in magazines showing full frontal nudity. So what we have is a totally unrealistic view being driven, for an entire generation of girls, who look in the mirror and see lips that don’t meet with the prudish and ridiculously stupid ideas of Australian censors. They think they are abnormal when they have vaginal lips that aren’t tiny. And so many girls are resorting to having them cut or burned off so they can look like the nude models they see in porn. Of course that’s not what the models actually look like!

large labia
Slavic women are known for having larger labiae than people from other ethnic origins. Once they take off the vagina meat looks a little bit folded like a beefy handkerchief. Image courtesy of The Met Art Com.

Anyway I created my new blog, the Large Labia Project as my way of (a) showing how beautiful large vulva can look, and (b) to show that labia, both the outer lips and inner lips, can be all different shapes and sizes, and be perfectly natural. Hopefully this will correct some weird views of what makes a pussy beautiful, and of course it’s a huge turn on I’m sure looking at lots of naked vaginas hehe. I know it turns me on! I’m taking submissions of pics, either of your own large labia, your wife’s, your girlfriend’s or others you may have found that you think are particularly beautiful.

Hello panty sniffers! I’m back after my holiday and flat broke. My bank account has been basically ass-raped lol. Anyway what’s a girl to do, but start selling her dirty panties again. I’m only back temporarily, for a couple of months at most I think, unless I fall in love with the fetish all over again.

Anyway I’ve got a bunch of new panties to show you, as soon as I get a working camera. I have panties ranging from everyday essential plain black and white cotton briefs and g-strings, through colourful and cute, to sexy and slinky, in fullback briefs, boyshorts, thongs and g-strings in cottons and synthetics, lace, stretch sheer and satin. I probably won’t be doing any more photo sets with the shitty camera I currently have because I refuse to sell crap. So sorry about that dudes. Unless someone wants to buy me a new DSLR! All my prices are as listed on my site, as are all my ordering details etc etc.

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