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There’s a pretty impressive selection of babe-flesh here, the models index lists almost 500 girls, over 4,000 sets totaling almost 400,000 photos. For the most part the majority countries of origin appear to be Eastern European nations (mainly from Czech Republic) definitely the source for most of your incredible naked babe porn these days. If you’re looking for hairy bushes, fatties or lots of piercings and tattoos you won’t get it at Ebina Models. Perfectly fresh and fit 25 year olds that look five years less in age are the prototype models.

ebina sample
Tight hardbodied Slavic babes were always the trademark of Ebina models. At the beginning they started with amateurs – today they feature adult stars.

Each update has its cover: The models index shows total number of sets and photos for each model. I would have liked to seen an additional link to any videos the girls were in on the site, and I think the drop down menu with the main models listing and “Categories” was unnecessary on each girls page. Additionally, there are zip files available for the entire set, rather than the rather unwieldy zip file per page feature I see a lot of other places.

The fast download speeds (the zips I downloaded arrived in the 450-500 kbps range), will be your friend when you download the video files. Content-wise most of them dwell in the solo girl with dildo/masturbating domain, which is just fine with me. There are also a goodly amount of lesbian and a few boy/girl hardcore too, as well as a few striptease scenes. Overall, I have to say that I was impressed with the length of most of these videos too, generally averaging 20 plus minutes as well as some surpassing the 30 minute mark. Only offered in WMV (perfectly acceptable to me), either streaming or saved. My main reservation, however, is that there is a hodge-podge of resolutions in this section. Some look great and some look, well, they look pretty lousy in full-screen. Over 125 vids here total, BTW.

public blowjob
More recent sets and scenes include hardcore exposure in public places like parks and recreational areas.

Blonde Prague amateur naked between bath and washing machine. Now, there’s a section of “Bonus Sites” you get access to with your membership here and truth be told they’re more like 12 additional models with very large galleries. The “sites” link to their respective sections (really just additional model pages) with the same navigation features as the rest of the site. The difference here is that each of these girls has at least twice as much as other models on the site. I’m not sure why exactly they’re offered as additional sites unless the girls advertise membership to their own sites and you still get the whole package either way here. Nonetheless, it comes with your membership.

There are a few things I’d really like to see fixed/changed here in order to give the site a higher rating: The navigation tab at the top of each gallery page “Manual/Remote” only worked in the “Manual” setting for me. Honestly, I tend to get a little flummoxed with those things and don’t bother with them but if it’s on there I suppose you should either make it work or delete it. And I’d like to see the pics open in their own window (with a click on it to go to the next and so on), I assumed that’s the way things worked there and had to log back in the site about 5 times Also, the “Categories” tab was a little um, weak. I’m not trying to sound like a prick but I don’t think too many guys are gonna know what “Club wear” is or check out “Cat Suit” in a big hurry. Instead of these “regional” fancies, maybe stick to more universal ones like “Red Hair” or “Toys” or “Big Tits” (for starters).

Overall the site contains the basics for a good score from customs of great models in decent-sized photos (700 x 1024 pix minimum, plus many much much larger), nice original videos (“nice” hehe how gay am I) and daily updates. If they can sort out some of the tech issues, we’ll add some overall points.

Just shortly after our review www.ebinamodels.com is no longer connecting. Another great site has bitten the dust. Similar quality East European and Global talent may be found at In The Crack these days.

Prague amateur nudity: Czech women in amateur shootings. Deep focus between soles, pussy and battery charger.

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