Big Butt Shakers

How about some nice butt shaking to leave us shaken and stirred? Such is the focus of Big Butt Shakers, which – though you might be forgiven for not realising from the name alone – actually features only ebony and Latina girls. This is from the same lot who produce Boobs By Nature, another site we’ve looked at which provides some passable masturbation content, but unfortunately not a lot of it.

black ass
Prime example of big ebony ass from this amateur website.

Big Butt Shakers has the same set-up as its sister site, almost to the point of being a replica in fact. Unfortunately, as home pages go, this one is about as dispiriting as it gets, with three entirely empty boxes labelled ‘what’s coming soon’, ‘more upcoming updates’ and ‘this week’s poll’. According to the updates section below this, however, it appears that material is being added periodically, so perhaps all is not lost. The picture content outweighs the video section quite markedly. It’s not massive, but there’s a fair bit to go at and the resolution goes up to 1280 pixels which is reasonable enough. The girls themselves aren’t bad looking in the main, though I wouldn’t say all of them qualify as being ‘big butted’ as you would hope and expect. I was amused to see that the picture for some of the ladies in the model index is that of her butt rather than her face.

As with the images, the videos could really do with a bit more focus on the girls’ butts. Most of the clips are standard masturbation scenes, and although you sometimes get some token butt wiggling or extended lingering on the girls’ behinds, it’s really not enough to justify the name. The videos are broken down into 2-minute segments and a full download is available too. The availability of some high definition clips drags the limited movie collection somewhat out of the mire, but again the quality is not absolutely top end.

What we have here is then is pretty much a dildo masturbation site. It’s pretty average in almost all respects really, though I could see a few people getting a kick out of the high def videos of some of the prettier women. Two almost identical sites are included with membership, and taken together they constitute a decent if unspectacular package.

As of January 2015 aka “Big Butt Shakers” is offline.

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