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Apparently, VideoBox hasn’t been the only multi-studio DVD download site to add HD videos to the menu last year. Main competitor VideosZ (recently past the 11,000 DVD mark) has done the same and already has over 200 movies/1,060+ scenes in HD, not far behind VideoBox. And while I did compliment VB in the review scraps section last month for having had some great additions to their HD section lately, after a bit of a weak start with too many disappointing movies that weren’t really HD worthy, I’ll say without hesitation that VideosZ nevertheless has gotten off to a stronger HD start – according to my taste at least – with lots of great movies from studios like Jules Jordan, Mayhem, Sin City, Combat Zone and Smash Pictures.

Since Jenny won’t have time tomorrow and I’ve got my birthday coming up this weekend, the new porn site review I had planned for this week will have to wait a little longer, but here’s a very brief preview in the form of the first paragraph from the review text, which is more or less finished. “I bought a plasma 3D TV a few months ago and while the built in 2D to 3D conversion feature often does a pretty decent job of adding subtle depth to 2D content – porn and whatever else I’ve thrown at it – it’s certainly no rival for proper, native 3D content. Naturally, I’ve been quite keen to check out 3D porn filmed with stereoscopic 3D cameras, and 3DXStar is the first site I’ve come across where the downloadable trailers confirmed that this was indeed proper 3D porn with 3D depth almost rivaling the best Hollywood 3D movies, given similar environmental factors and camera angles.”

Who is the best pornstar: Sasha Grey

While the site is still fairly small – but most of the videos fairly long (around 40 minutes on average) – I’ve been extremely impressed by the main selling point, the 3D, and I expect the final review will end up with a score in the mid 80s and a recommendation to every 3DTV owner (or those with other 3D setups, like Nvidia 3D Vision or home cinema 3D projectors. They even offer an old fashioned anaglyph 3D option, naturally with all the terrible video quality and color problems that come with that decades old format).

Care for melons: Big Natural Boobs

Lured in by all the Russian models on the tour pages (I was familiar with some of the girls from a few sites in the 21Sextury Network), I joined Anal Angels last week. It’s part of a pretty large – 2,500+ videos – site network, Teen Mega World, that has impressed me so much that I’ll probably try to squeeze a proper review into my limited schedule later this month or early December.

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