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I recently found myself in Barcelona and thought lets see what we can get into. As would be expected with any large city, there was plenty of carnal fun to be found, but it was expensive (compared to what we are used to from South America). All prices quoted will be in Euro but I will use the $ sign as I don?t have the euro sign on my keyboard (currently 1 euro = $1.33). We started in what I would call a titty bar (Panams on Las Ramblas). The dancers were not that good and part of the show was to take a gent out of the audience, bring him on stage, strip him down to his drawers, and if he allows they will drop them and show his ?junk? to the crowd. Why this is a practice, no one could explain to me, but they said it is just what they do as part of the show. Anyway, the girls will sit with you and bullshit for a minute and then ask if you will buy them a drink for $30. I did this, with a not to young Filipina, I still don?t know why, but it felt like the thing to do at the time. Not too long after I bought the drink I got handsy with the girl and she didn?t seem too worried about it. After I bought the second drink she started grabbing on to my dick and playing. I proceeded to buy two more and got a BBBJ in the bar with a couple of people less than 3 feet away at the table in front of us. Expensive and not that good, but you only live once so what the fuck. There was an option for a private room for $200 for half an hour? No thanks!

Any of the establishments below are open pretty much 24/7, but before 0100 there will only be 3-5 girls. They all start coming in at 0100 and continue until 0300. Best bet is the 0200-0300 time-frame for maximum selection.

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On the way out of the door of Panams a taxi driver hands me a card. Here is where the real fun begins! Its 5 am and things are still jumping. We head to a “Sauna” called Casanova59. Oddly enough, located at 59 Casanova St. Saunas are where it is at in Barcelona. We walked in are there is a very small bar with a good variety of drinks and at least 20 girls with every possible look you could imagine. I talked to Diana from Cuba and got the deal. $90 for half hour, suck, fuck, massage and Jacuzzi. How anyone can do all of that in half and hour, I have no idea, but apparently some people can. The prices jump to 45 min $120, one hour $180. This place was OK, relatively clean and had some good looking chicas. I opted for the half hour with Diana, sans massage and man-stew Jacuzzi. Great body, good sex, BJ and overall a good initial experience. She did ask me ?sessanta-nove? (excuse the spelling and/or destruction of the language) I thought for a second and my killer language skills kicked in?.69? I thought, its 0530, you have been here for how long, and how many potential dicks have been in there tonight and you?re asking me if I am going to eat it??? What I don?t know won?t hurt me, but I just couldn?t do it.

Next adventure. We partied at the Porto Olympico until after 2 am, and low and behold a taxi driver hands us a card for a place called New Balis Sauna (123 Paseo de Gracia). Who am I to say no? Off we go. Same deal $90 for half hour, blah blah. The chicas here were better than Casanovas and more plentiful. From Dominican Republic, Columbia, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, and some of the former Soviet countries. I opted for a 23 yr old spinner from Ecuador named Nelly. Sweet as can be, but no English and my Spanish is beyond broken, its destroyed! But we overcame (so to speak) and I had to take an hour with her ($180). She asked me ?69?? I said..I see a theme here, difference this time is she was walking in the door the same time I was, so?what the hell!!!! Bring that hot little ass over here and I took the plunge. Like I said, you only live once, what the fuck! I truly enjoyed the time with her and she was really affectionate. Fucked like a rabbit, bounced up and down for a while until I turned her backwards and finished up doggie style. In the other places once you are finished the girl bails to the viewing/resting area waiting for more customers. Nelly stayed with me for over an hour after we finished while I waited for my friends and had a drink. She never asked for a drink, she never asked for a tip. The only thing she wanted to do was sit with me with her head on my chest and try to talk to each other. It was actually kind of nice. I tried to slip her $50 just because, and she refused to take it. I really need to learn Spanish!

The following day we found another sauna called Divina Tentacion on 257 Corcega. Once again, lots of imported talent mostly from SA and again, more than the other two places. I opted to take a thicker than my normal standards girl (face 9 body 7) because there was just something about her. I was drawn to her. She was from Cali Columbia and spoke more English than most, so once again I opted for the hour ($180) and it was well worth it. Standard deal, jump in the empty Jacuzzi, now filling in as a shower, she washes you off, head to the bed and anything you want from there. One common thing in the saunas, BJs are automatic but not BB. All the girls were energetic fucks as well. No dead fish, no disinterested parties.

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