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Now, this is not your every day porn site, but a world sex guide to commercial sex around the globe. World Sex Archives consists of real life accounts from single male travelers who venture around the worlds top nightlife spots to engage with hookers. The world sex guide guide shows where you find cheap sex. It deals with all the known and infamous sex tourist destinations like Thailand, Philippines, India, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Nevada and more. The most viable part of the site is their very active message board that is used by members to posts reports, photos and videos about their latest sex adventures in distant countries. Of course, it just deals with legal prostitution, that means with prostitutes over the age of 18 years or older.
Its amazing to see how many different forms of prostitution can be found around the world. In Cuba for example, hookers can be picked up as hitch hikers along the roads.

thai masseuse
An Asian massage lady from Bangkok as shared by a punter on World Sex Archives Forum.

Hookers in Cuba: Jinetera Pickups

In the Philippines prostitutes are mostly found in agogo bars and in watering holes, while in Germany they have so called FKK Clubs, brothels with naked girls and customers all over having sex in public view. In Prague they even feature brothels where you can have sex for free as long as you agree on having your sex act filmed for broadcast. World Sex Archives deals with bars, brothels, sensual massage parlors, escorts for incall and outcall and even the filthiest street walkers from Tijuana Mexico. If you ever plan a vacation and have some fun on the side or if you want to become a full time sex tourist who wants to have sex with many different hookers a day, World Sex Archives is the place to gather information about the commercial sex scene of any particular country from Australia to Alaska. While it is way past its prime it’s still good for a peek.


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