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Are you bored of the same old Asian contents which other Asian Sites are offering? You know what SO are we! We have been surfing the net for Asian contents for almost 4 years and we still see the same old pics! Most are scanned from Japanese Magazines, Hong Kong Penthouse, Thai Men’s Magazines and some underground magazines. 80% of Asian membership web sites are now offering these kind of content Are you willing to pay for these stuff? Were not :{ That’s why we built this site The Asian Site that’s worth your attention. Our gorgeous Asian models are selected by professional photographers. We guarantee that you will never find these pictures videos on other web sites!

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Agreed, to a big part it is pretty much the same content seen on hundreds, maybe thousands of different Asian paysites. And that can get boring after a few years, heh. Of course a lot of similar OUR site is special! blurbs to the one above are also used frequently in site tours to reel in surfers, but Asian4you is so far ahead of any other Asian photo sites we (mostly me!) have visited that its almost ridiculous.. Should take you less than a minute browsing the preview pages to be able tell this yourself too. Heaps of exclusive, excellent photos here, nearly all shot by their own photographers, they definitely know what the hell it is they’re doing too. The stunning models are mainly new girls (to me) and whoever scouts them out definitely knows what the hell they’re doing too. Sorry. They come from Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and other countries down that part of the world not a lot of American-Asians babes seen here. With a few exceptions Jade Hsu for one I don’t think I’ve come across these models anywhere. This of course is another positive.

Neither have I ever seen so many unbelievably beautiful Asian babes all in one place. God damn. Check the tour samples they change them frequently and I’m sure you will agree with me here. It doesn’t end with the models, look at the photography, image quality, colors, lighting, retouching (ok maybe just a wee bit too much of that going on sometimes) the locations and all that, so much extra care that went into every detail here. Even the way they’re presented on the site. Its just very very hard to find any flaws. (For some fucked up reason I always have to look for those..)

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Theyve got hardcore too. For the most part it is solo photos though, but often rather explicit ones with toys. First time I logged in I was pretty shocked, I had assumed I wouldnt be seeing models of such caliber doing anything besides posing nude. It isn’t all photos, there’s also a sizeable video area that I honestly havent had time to fully explore yet, been a little too occupied with photos, but there are several hundred short scenes available; 2-5-10-20 minutes long, blowjobs, lapdances, hardcore and more with many of the same models as in the photo section. Plus a bunch of longer non-exclusive bonus videos. Their own stuff is all very high quality, loved the lapdance stripping clips I tried.. You can see the screen dump of the main video page below if there aren’t enough details on it in the tour. One thing.. Before you fire up any download tools, you’ll want to know asian4you has a 500mb/day download limit. So keep that in mind. It could be more generously set yes. Zipfiles are provided for photosets (normally between 60-100 images in a set, by the way.)

Some comments on The Premium Club now then. Premiwhat? This is a bonus provided to members who’ve been with the site for more than a months time, actually two consecutive months subscription is all thats required, then you’ll receive access on the third. Extra photo sets and videos with certain models that you don’t get in the main area. I dont really like this kind of deal where everything isn’t available directly once you’ve paid, but in this case Id be prepared to hang around the extra month(s) to see it. Asian4you is still an excellent site when completely disregarding this premium thing however. Looks like they may be thinking of ditching it soon. When I saw the site last year there were a couple hundred photo sets or so, now theyre already approaching a thousand exclusive sets, and thats not counting extra ones in the premium club, or the non-exclusives bonuses. Grows very quickly.. Some of my favorite models way too many to list got 15-20 sets here now. Updates and new models are added very consistently as well, 10 sets plus 2 new video scenes per week.

Asian4you is without a doubt the best Asian-only model site Ive seen. Number one. Whats offered here is all of amazing quality they deleted certain sets in their database listing poor quality as reason, says something about the level of dedication. It is rare that Im blown away by any adult sites any more, or impressed to the point where I’ll gladly come back to it and, lets say not for reviewing purposes, but this one is definitely an exception. I doubt Asian4You will fall off the top picks list ever. (See bottom of our Top Voted page for this). My limited vocabulary fails me here when trying to get across to you just how much I dig this site, these models, and the photography. So I am forced to make up my own words: fantasiastic, bonerfine, mowwiewowwie, chimichanga. Seriously: Totally addicted, and happy to be able to let others know about this site.

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