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Nighlife is bustling in Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. More and more images are shot with smart phones these days and shared on fora, pin sites and social media. Wild Thai girls are among the most widely shared Asian girlfriends in Asia.

Asian 4 You

Are you bored of the same old Asian contents which other Asian Sites are offering? You know what SO are we! We have been surfing the net for Asian contents for almost 4 years and we still see the same old pics! Most are scanned from Japanese Magazines, Hong Kong Penthouse, Thai Men’s Magazines and some underground magazines. 80% of Asian membership web sites are now offering these kind of content Are… Read More

Pee Asians

Please keep on being interested if you like Asians but are not sure you like urination. Original and beautiful Chinese girls are on these pages, many of them, almost uncountable, and you can ignore the pee pictures and still have a huge slurp of Asian of Hong Kong lovelies. On the other hand, if you like pissing, this selection gives you more than you usually get from “pee” sites. Every picture series… Read More

Your Thai Pornstar

If your are like every healthy man on earth there is nothing better than slipping away to a nice exotic location and having beautiful women begging to be with you. You give in to tempation have the time of your life and then you go back home. You have your memories and tons of pictures and videos that you share with your friends, now you can share them with the world! Submit… Read More