Fellatio Japan

Sex in Japan is not just an expression of lust but a custom of rituals with a rich and long lasting historic culture. Dating back to the samurai and ninjas oral sex was a privilege of warriors following won battles. Nobody else was allowed to get this treat from female servants except for glorious warriors. Today’s Fellatio Japan treatment sends us back in time when oral satisfaction was motivation for achieving greatness on the battlefield. And for those few who know how to find a greatly skilled Japanese love servant the tradition lives on, today. Read More

Digital Desire Review

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Pure seduction: pornstar model August Ames in front of a fire place removing her panty, sensously. Do you like her flirty eye contact?

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While most people can tell a beautiful model from an average performer and a good picture from an amateur image, it’s often hard to describe the reasons for one’s opinion. Speaking in general terms the most important factor in shooting good images is the vision of a shooter to depict the model in a certain way. Some guys have the magic to achieve success while others struggle. The shooters at Digital Desire succeed with every model. That is amazing. While their equipment is professional this is not their trade secret. They have the incredible talent of making gorgeous girls look natural. That in itself is an art: making beauty look natural. Read More