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If you’ve read some of my previous ten DVD reviews, you may have noticed that pretty much all of them with the exception of the blowjob DVD, had plenty of anal action (even the lesbian movie I reviewed a couple of days ago). Well, you may as well get used to that, because a) I love anal porn and tend to find most guy/girl scenes without it a tad boring and b)… Read More

Two Cocks in the Booty 2

There are around a million regular double penetration videos out there, give or take a few hundred thousand, but double anal scenes is still something that you’ll often have to dig around a bit to find, particularly since none of the DVD download/pay-per-view sites apparantly see fit to have it as a separate category, they just lump it in together with regular DP (the same thing goes for the equally rare double… Read More

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Modest mature lady was persuaded to play in the Russian porn videos: she certainly did not like to at first but after a little persuasion agreed but ev very shy camera with great difficulty she spread her legs for the camera showing off and gently caressing her pussy and talking about his life, see Russian porn video clip involving an adult and a humble woman who shows all her charms on camera… Read More