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Our goal is to photograph the most beautiful and exotic women we can find, ladies who probably live right next door to any one of us. Our aim is to portray these girls in their sexiest and most alluring form, as an artistic expression of how beautiful and sexy she can be. Through our work, we want to show that today’s models, in the traditional sense of the word, don’t have to be tall, skinny runway models, but may simply be the girl who lives next door who takes our breath away.

MODFX are based in Los Angeles, the models at their website are of Asian and Latin origin, hell lets just call them exotic for California. They shoot all their own photos and videos, every last frame is exclusive and not possible to see anywhere else. Many of the women they’ve shot can be seen on other sites, some are pornstars (Adriana Sage, Jana Cova, Sabrine Maui and Jade Hsu) but here you will only see romantic glamour photos with them.
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tattoo on vulva
Top busty model: Francine Dee. She is half Filipino.

Other than porn babes there are also around half (didn’t count now) of the 80+ models shown who don’t do nudes. Assuming you’ve been to some other glamour sites you will likely see names you don’t recognize in their model directory, these are their own finds, you can expect many of them to hold fingers over nipples or cover up certain other bodyparts, and this is if the bikinis or dresses even come off at all. Just as I had feared, some of the ones Id be most interested in seeing naked do not get naked.

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The models each have anything from 2-3 up to over a dozen photosets available, number-wise they are rather small, normally somewhere between 15-40 images in a set, this varies somewhat o fcourse. Adds up to a lot to see, although there are no zips to help you download ’em to your collection. I noted a few of their models now also got separate paysites (with separate join fees) run by modfx, where one can probably get plenty more photos just as beautiful. Btw, don’t miss the tiny archives link at the bottom of the models page, its like they’re almost hiding them. 15 more models, even smaller sets, maybe that’s why.

Well Ill say I really like the models and the photography, both very beautiful, but felt pretty let down with the decision they’ve taken to only display images in 750500 size. The Filipina models look the best. First I figured I was just looking at their oldest stuff and the newer ones would soon show up covering my entire screen, but its the same 750500 everywhere. Almost, 600400 was the size used earlier on. Some archived images (see below) were even smaller yet. The photos of Jana Cova are definitely some of the best Ive seen with her, so imagine my frustration then, having to squint at the screen and blow every one of them up manually with Paintshop (is this legal?)

Import models
Kaylani Lei, Jade Marcella and Sabrine Maui in one shoot.

There are videos too of course, over a hundred clips, new 3-4 minute clips are added one per week minimum strip, interview or behind the scenes at the photoshoot. Average quality, slick. Don’t expect to be seeing anything you couldn’t catch on Playboy channel. Err, no there’s none of that simulated sex here either. Don’t expect to be seeing anything you couldn’t catch on MTV! J/K. Two big breasted sweeties both whom I believe Ive exchanged brief emails with ages ago cuddling in a bathtub was the most explicit thing I came across now. No I’m not slamming this site due to the (very) softcore themes, just throwing all this in so no one gets the wrong ideas. Videos come in 2 or 3 resolution choices, good idea there but you’d have to be sitting on some ridiculously slow connection to have to pick the 56k version when the large 300k (WMV) files are less than 10 Mb. That’s just new files too, older additions are less than half of that size.

Models are lovely, great photography, good mix of nudes non-nudes. You may go pah, seen much better than this! but I particularly like that they dont get all artistic and weird and experiment with fancy shit, or wigs, or spend time shooting popular light fetish pictorials with their models (which a lot of sites apparently believe they must do). Just really sharp looking stuff. Ok sometimes they’re doing this thing where it feels as if you’re peeping at the babe from a few too many meters away. (I’m sure there’s a clever photography-term for this, I don’t know it.) Ofcourse I cant help saying once again how the images are on the small side. With some changes here or there modfx could surely become a pretty amazing, must-see site. As far as models go there’s almost too much talent, but honestly it feels as if the people behind the site aren’t really in tune with what many surfers almost take for granted when joining paysites .

shaved Penthouse model
Spiffy Filipino import model Justene Jaro who has modeled for Penthouse mag, too.

The Team of this whole operation may be mostly this guy David Tan handling photography as well as webmaster tasks and nearly everything else. Dave’s pretty busy no doubt I wanna suggest a dozen things that Id like to see him change or add to this site, but I will settle for larger images. Please let us gaze at these babes in glorious 1024768 resolution or similar in the future okay? Up the price another five bucks if you must. Joining right now is btw. 20 dinars monthly through CCBill. Got no problem paying that for access, personally. As long as you’re not awfully hung-up on the smallish photos issue (as I) this site as it stands now is well worth joining in my opinion. Only I’d not let any subscriptions renew themselves quite yet.

Sorry, but ModFX has become in-operational after the server crashed and the webmaster had no backup available. Amateur bad luck. Good to see some Mod FX models on Tumblr to get a breeze of the old spirit.

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