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Short haired wife Bate self shot: Hardcore wife enjoying herself and similar slogans are attached to most wife and girlfriend selfies these days. Most of it is just a pic, so we go back to the root and reprint some amateur reviews of sites that used to have good wife and GF material, either amateur shot, selfies or girl producers.

Magic Laura Review
Let’s get started: Magic Laura is one of five brand new solo girl sites (launched in January 2007) that can either be joined individually or all together for around the price of two. Each site stars a hot amateur girl and Laura, another German girl, is in my opinion the best looking of the bunch. Blonde, pretty and very cute freckled face, nice body, probably the most obvious “babe” among the five (which isn’t to say the other ladies aren’t hot in their own right)> Laura’s place is pretty small (smaller than Magic Geena, and you might want to read about the update schedule in the cons below as well), but the photosets that are here look pretty good, though so far it’s all softcore. There’s a bit of masturbation action in the videos (none of the big dildos that Geena used though), and oddly enough (well, depending on opinion of course) there are a couple of femdom videos where Laura, dressed in latex top and hotpants, plays around a bit with a black guy on his knees and with a chain around his neck. No actual sex, and personally I’m not really into this femdom stuff anyway so I don’t really know what to expect from a scene like that. Nine of the 17 videos and four of the 22 photosets at Magic Laura feature “guest models” (on their own, not girl/girl with Laura). Usually a good thing, but on a site still this small it would probably have been better to stock up on content with the main girl first. Additionally, based on the watermark on the videos, it’s not even content shot by themself (the photos may be though), but 3rd party content from another toys/lesbian site. Photos are available in two sizes, the largest one a huge, great looking 1696×2544. Photosets can be downloaded in a zip file as well as viewed online
Videos are in a pretty impressive quality as well, 640×480, 1900 kbit. Well, at least that’s a pretty impressive quality on paper, in reality they looked somewhat grainy and blurry, sigificantly more than I feel they should have at that resolution and bitrate. There was also another video problem you can read about in the cons below, but there’s a fairly good chance this could be a system issue on my computer (at least I hope so, otherwise there’s really no excuse for it). Like with Geena you can request personal custom photos and videos from Laura by filling out a form on the site. I won’t even begin to guess how much you can expect to have to pay for that, nor exactly how the billing will be handled, but I’m assuming they have a specific payment form set up for that.

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Fairly pricy if you want access to all five sites. Well, pricy compared to typical site networks anyway, objectively speaking I guess you could argue that you’re getting a pretty good deal with five sites for the price of two. Unfortunately they are all quite small. Updates have been added quickly during the first month the site was online, but if the dates on the previews of upcoming photo sets and videos can be trusted (and they aren’t just a sample selection with more updates in between?), the future isn’t looking well for any of the “Magic Fairy Teens” sites. Only one photo set and one video a month?! That’s downright horrible for any type of site and I have a very hard time believing they can’t manage to shoot more content than that. Or maybe they are relying on the average member actually paying for custom shoots? If that is in fact the case it’s difficult to recommend any of these sites.
Because of the dates in the upcoming content section I’ve felt it necessary to base the updates score on those rather than the many additions in January. The videos at Magic Laura were strangly jerky, very jerky, like they were recorded at a low framerate or something. The video data gathered from the files showed the usual 30 frames per second though, but even though I tried playing the videos in several different media players I got the same jerky playback every time. Since this is pretty odd indeed, I’m inclined to believe it could be a problem with the video codecs I have installed on my computer (most media players tend to use the same system files for showing video on your screen). It’s just a bit strange that I haven’t seen the problem before with neither the Windows Media format nor any other video format (and additionally the “guest model” videos played as smooth as they should, same resolution, slightly lower frame rate and using the same video codecs)

chubby blonde

Visit when you have interest: Magic Laura Bunny Page

Night Club Girls Review
Mix of the staged “reality” porn that’s so popular (and which I tend to dislike severely) and genuine amateur content. At least things like lighting, camera work and other things technical appear pretty amateurish – although, that’s probably (more or less) deliberate.
So what’s it all about then? Well, good luck finding the night clubs here, it’s generally videos and photographic sets featuring solo masturbation, lesbian or guy/girl sex, most of it taking place in hotel rooms, cars, bathrooms etc., supposedly prior to or after night club visits. It’s not a really bad site, I just had a bit of a hard time figuring out exactly what the hell Night Club Girls is trying to be. On its own I probably wouldn’t recommend it, but at least it serves as a decent bonus to the much better Amateur Canada. fairly decent collection of videos and photo sets with solo, lesbian and straight sex in hotel rooms, bathrooms or car backseats, all shot in a way that makes it look like genuine amateur content. It still reeks a bit of the typical staged reality porn though, but the presentation is definitely different here. Improved quality on the latest videos, 640×480, 1000 kbit. High resolution versions available of nearly all pictorials, and they are downloadable in a zip file as well. Night clubs? What night clubs?! Just writing in the scene description that the girls were either getting ready for or on the way back from a club doesn’t really cut it in my opinion. At least not enough to make it into the “Parties” review category, no matter the title of the site. The majority of the videos are still only available on a low 320×240, 500 kbit version. Videos can’t be downloaded in a single file but only partials. Not sure about updates as they aren’t dated, but they don’t seem particularly frequent, if they are still coming at all

Just Coeds Review
We had a hard time matching the content at Night Club Girls to the title of the site. It’s just as hard at this other site from the same three site package, Just Coeds. It’s basically a video centric site with a fairly decent collection of hardcore movies, mostly straight one-on-one (often with the girl playing with a dildo first), but also a few group and lesbian scenes. Why do the girls on a site called Just Coeds range from teens over twenty-somethings to milfs in their thirties (and they are specifically using the word milf in descriptions!).

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Well, guess that’s just another one of those things that don’t make much sense, but either way, Just Coeds is pretty much nothing but a decidedly mediocre and pretty bland hardcore site, with low technical quality to boot. Not a site I would really recommend joining on its own, but I guess that just like Night Club Girls it’s a nice little bonus to Amateur Canada. An acceptable collection of fairly run-of-the-mill hardcore videos, guy/girl and a bit of group, lesbian and masturbation action (usually as “warm-up” for the actual sex). Several pretty hot girls, but also a few that don’t exactly match my mental image of a hot coed (and leaving out the bizarrely misplaced milfs entirely)

Images of Laura courtesy of magic-laura.com website.

Low technical quality with videos at 320×240, 700 kbit without real photo content, but only low resolution video stills. Apperantly they’ve decided to include milfs in their definition of coeds, and they even use the word milf specifically in several scenes. In fact, while some of the girls probably fit in the teen niche, the site as a whole really doesn’t in my opinion, and I would think a site with the word coed in the title would be a likely candidate for that category – No real update schedule visible.

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