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Its hard to ignore the cheesy name, Who even coined that term? I heart you? Taken from Wikipedia: The widespread use of this expression has inspired many parodies. Originally pronounced I love, the phrase has recently been used by young hipsters who have taken to facetiously verbalizing it as I heart. Damn these young hipsters – damn them to hell. Enough of ramblings. Some of you might be familiar with Ms. Chu who likes to be known as Chu Chu according to her Myspace profile. She’s a mysterious lady, gorgeous, and in possession of a body amazing enough to hold anybody’s attention.

Jenny Chu Review
Naked perfection. Jenny Chu holds her treasures behind her palms.

Chu Chu does is hot property at the moment and has her finger dipped in every aspect of entertaining – modelling, car shows, commercials, music videos, catalogues, you name it, Jenny has done. The next step is obviously the jizz biz so lets wait for that patiently. There are 60 odd professional photo shoots to explore and the quality is exquisitely refined and detailed (1200 x 800 sized photos). This quality is maintained throughout the other sections of photos – gogo/party and events coverage pics. Judging by her photos, this girl must be damn busy because it seems she is at some new club every week letting her hair loose. For now though, it’s strictly clothes on modeling with a hint of nipple here and there.

All good single-girl sites have videos and this one does not disappoint. Updated at weekly, you will find 3 – 10 minute clips of Jenny taken from her photoshoots. Videos are available in high quality (roughly 40mb) or low bandwidth (15-20mb). So I had to take a closer peek at some her footage to see how she interacted with the camera. Baby Be Mine was the first on the list. A 3:42 clip where the attention is focused on her teddy bear for the first half. There’s some soothing acoustic guitar playing in the background, but honestly, the video lacks direction. Jenny just looks restless throughout the whole clip and its evident by the way she moves. Her hands are all over the place, shes fidgeting and it’s very mechanical. It definitely needed more sensuality like real Asian amateurs do.

The next – Jennys Homecoming, again comprising of acoustic guitar, but this time in an outdoors setting. The vibe is much more upbeat in this one – playful smiling and teasing, and she gets her lovely Asian Babe mammaries out for all to see (well nearly – her hand is covering them). It looks like most of the videos do not have any audio.

glamour profile
Naked and tasteful import icon exposed: Jennifer Chu looks great from any angle.

The typical webcam is attached and I managed to join a channel (mirc type chat channel) but there was only one other user at the time. On the left of the channel is the cam feed but no image was displaying at the time. If you click on live webcam from the top navigation bar, it will indicate what days Jenny will be appearing. Some of the live webcam shows have been archived and are available in the videos section – have a good look around. Jenny’s Diary is a forum based layout dating back to August 2005 and is updated between 2-5 times per month from Jenny herself. If you have a read, you’ll find out some interesting facts (such as she just got a new boob job). There’s also a few other photos to discover in this area.

I nearly forgot the girlfriends. There’s a section dedicated to Jenny’s girlfriends but its quite bare at the moment. You’ll discover from raw new talent such as Sinia Simone and Pam Rodriquez. Ill let you guys discover the rest (there is more to explore). Conclusion: solid web design, updated regularly, and some fantastic photos/videos to be seen. $14.95 for the first month and $12.95 every month after that = great value for money.

Unfortunately, her website has been taken offline. Sorry, folks.

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