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This is the official site of French photographer John B. Root. Id never heard of him before, but after checking out his site, I am going to keep my eyes open for his stuff. Supposedly this is a brand new site, but its got a lot of content on it. Some of the more established sites Ive seen dont have as much content as this site does. There are videos and photos available: some of the content are from the films Mr. Root has done for french TV (we don’t get that sort of content on US television), and some of it is various models going at it in a studio. Pretty much all hardcore stuff.

French orgy
Orgy captured by a flying drone. Explicite is known for innovations in French porn.

Fisting and squirting in one image where else to see? Most of the text is in English, but the video dialogue is in French, which is not a bad thing at all. It adds to the heat factor of the site to hear a hot model talk nasty (assumed) in French. There is a good selection of models here. Some of them are stars of his videos and I assume are fairly well known in France. The others seem to be simply really attractive girls that have been talked into doing some pretty nasty stuff. Its all good and achieves the desired result.

Mr. Root includes a section he calls the attic where some of the so-called less attractive women hes photographed are featured. I guess attractiveness is all relative because some of these models are very attractive. Videos link well and download quick. Photos have good resolution (two sizes to choose from) and are archived well (the site is updated every Friday). Even the French text worked for me. I tend to be fairly jaded about adult websites, but I must say that this site is an exceptionally good find. As far as value for money goes, thirty bucks a month is a great deal for this site. Mr. Root has done a fine job here, and the future for this site is a bright one.

Some additional info: The site contains around 12,000 exclusive pictures at the moment. The high resolution versions are 1200 x 800 and UP, almost all I checked were an amazing 1800 x 1200 two screens worth. Absolute top quality stuff. Very nice design and navigation, with the option to browse in a lower resolution and zoom the pictures you want to view in really large format. (Or just view everything in hi-res without having to zoom). The only thing missing in the gallery section is an option to grab zipped galleries. That feature would indeed perfect the experience. Almost all the models are real beauties too. Been keeping an eye out for this one girl LouLou since I saw some pics of her on karupspc a long time ago. Found her here (seems shes also behind the camera a lot), along with many other lovely ladies.

Hard to say exactly how much video there is, but it says 40 hours of streaming video on the site. Apart from the Films section which contains full length viewable movies (exclusive), youll find more videos linked from the photo galleries. Once again great stuff, but I would indeed like to be able to download these. Generally the theme is VERY hardcore, and it says we are now getting to see the originals which were censored by french distributors and television. Particularly the fisting-scenes are quite extreme, but there were lots of more or less regular sex scenes to be found too in the full length one I checked out.

vaginal close-up
Zooming in on Tiffany Doll’s pussy in preparation for an anal scenes

With each video you get a large gallery too. Not cheap videograbs either, but behind the scenes shots, and pictures taken during the scenes. Almost as crisp and high quality as the posed galleries. To sum up, the downsides worth mentioning are: No zipped galleries, and the video is streaming only. Also, the site is having some technical difficulties sometimes you’re cut off and have to restart your browser. Something to do with DNS or load-balancing it seems. Everything put together however, this site is a must see. Overall its one of the best sites seen in some time. Exceptional quality. This site goes from strength to strength. Its only been up for a few months I joined the day the original review was posted here and I haven’t looked back its my favourite site on the web by far.

What do I like about it well the main thing is its fun. You can go to Alsscan or 1by-day to see really beautiful women doing sexy things but only on Explicite have I got the real impression that the women and men are really having a laugh and a thoroughly good time call it sex, lust, sensuality, romance, lovemaking, passion all of those things there is always that extra joie de vivre that makes it an experience that involves the mind and heart and senses as well as the groin/hand/wrist. These people really care about what they are doing it is as much a statement about a philosophy of life as a porn site read John Roots passionate defence of his art against the French censors Open letter from an angry pornographer in the news section of the site and you’ll see what’s meant.

69 love
Ethnic diversity and pleasure for female performers plays a big part in Explicite’s concept.

Artsy perspectives add spice: This is a really imaginative site nothing is tired or formulaic its a work of art but that doesnt mean it isnt raunchy it covers a wide spectrum from soft, arty, glamorous shots of incredibly, heart-stoppingly gorgeous women, to really down and dirty action involving fisting, DPs, anal, toys, girl-girl, boy-girl you name it they have this cool thermometer that goes from zero to four on a strength scale most are 3-4 but the soft shoots are also incredibly sexy and erotic. The women on this site are amazing regulars include the lovely, sweet and sexy LouLou, Ally Mac Tyana; sex kitten imagine a mixture of Tabatha Cash and Bardot, Tiffany Hopkins (so lovely), the fabulous Ovidie, impossibly stunning Andrea Teeny, and many more heavenly goddesses.

Anyway some important news that I think merits an additional few points on the ole scoremeter. Firstly 99.99% of the bugs originally reported are fixed the site runs like it should and the only bit not up and running is the sales area (which is a breath of fresh air in itself many sites seem to be built around the sales area with the online part an afterthought). Updates are 2-3 times a week and often include several sets of photos or movies all of which are huge in size and crystal clear as well as beautifully composed and conceived of.

Most importantly; something we fans have been asking for from day one is that most of the videos are now downloadable (apart from the feature movies). My hard drive is going to be working overtime (he he). These are all high quality movies and the content is unbelievable. What else lots of new material they recently ran a live sex show on French cable a first I believe and that is up on the site as well as new films by John and also some lovely ones by LouLou who is becoming a gonzo queen (French/Hungarian style of course). Guys in my opinion I would rate this site a 97 or even 98 its hard to find fault with it. Very few porn sites have a heart and soul and realise there is more to sex than pricks, cunts and sweaty grunts. I realise you may not agree but see for yourselves.

Visit: Explicite Art

lesbian fisting
Extreme fisting during a stunning girl-girl performance with the camera close by explicit action.

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