Four Finger Club

Connoisseurs of lesbian porn may have encountered the Four Finger Club productions, a very highly regarded set of girl on girl movies from New Sensations which form the basis for this great looking website. And it’s no prizes for guessing where those four fingers are heading, of course, so if just-short-of-fisting action is your idea of lesbo heaven, I’d advise you to read on.

All of the content on the site is lesbian, though you’ll actually find a fair bit of non-exclusive material (most recently from the amazing DDF sites) in addition to the Four Finger Club scenes. The contrast between the two styles is quite marked, actually, with the earlier stuff featuring slightly older fake-titted glamour models, while the latest clips feature sexy young European models.

Kina Kai
Ashlynn Brooke gets finger-fucked by Kina Kai, a Filipina import model.

To my tastes at least the latest scenes are more pleasing all round, with less histrionic squealing by the models. However, the action is probably a little more extreme in the earlier clips, coming closer to the ‘four finger’ style promised. Expect lots of pussy licking and dildo play in all the videos, however, and look out for the 12-girl gang bang clip which will have your eyes darting across the screen like a tennis commentator watching the Wimbledon final in fast forward.

Care for Filipinas like Kina Kai: Filipina Amateur Erotica

The pictures were a slight disappointment, particularly in terms of resolution, though they do at least look professional. Plenty of different locations are used, including showers, offices, bathrooms and the like, though unfortunately the content isn’t organised especially well, with the absence of a model index being particularly jarring. And the number of images in each gallery seemed a little pointlessly large to me.

Video quality is excellent, with the clips looking very sharp at the best resolution (nearly but not quite high definition). Full movie downloads are available, and the scenes are also broken down into sensibly sized 3-minute parts. In total three Windows formats and a Real Media version are offered, which should give you plenty of scope. I couldn’t see a download link for the smaller clips, however, meaning you have to open the streaming clips and press a further button, somewhat inconveniently.

Tattoos can be very sensual body decoration as this model proves.

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Typically for a network site, there isn’t a great deal of character to be found, though you might well consider 24 bonus sites reasonable compensation for that. In fact Four Finger Club isn’t quite in the category of sites for which bonus content is an absolute must – it has enough good quality content not to be quite so dependent – but it’s probably that extra stuff that makes this site a good deal rather than a merely average one.

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