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It’s a pretty diverse collection, with the best stuff licensed from Als Scan and In the Crack, two top level producers. Quite a few of the picture galleries look pretty dated, though, and the resolution on some is a mere 800 pixels which wouldn’t have been special even a decade ago. Worse, the pixellation on some of the images indicates that they have been enlarged from a lower resolution (the most pointless image manipulation device ever?). On the positive side, a new photo gallery is added every day.

The video collection is stronger, and there are even a few high definition scenes available. There isn’t much consistency to the video collection as a whole, though, besides the fact that, with some exceptions, more than one girl appears in every scene. There are plenty of standard lesbian clips, and some of the videos have a kinky BDSM flavour to them. Some of the new teen stuff coming out of Russia makes up a sizeable chunk of the collection. Video options are decent, though the best resolution for a few of the clips is a mere 320×240 pixels.

There is a search feature, but this is based only on the title of the gallery so results are a little random at best. And there isn’t much more to say about this site really. As you’ve probably gathered, it doesn’t have a great deal of character to it. If the idea of a ragbag of lesbo content really appeals, this could suit you, and there are plenty of bonus sites to keep you occupied too, but quality seekers would be advised to look for their girl-on-girl kicks elsewhere.

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