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Though the internet is increasingly awash with self-proclaimed ‘artistic’ nude photography, I’m probably not the only one to wonder whether much of this prodigious output can properly be called art. ‘Tasteful’ probably comes nearer the mark for much of it, unless you regard simplistic (albeit nice looking) shots of the same (albeit nice looking) models as the apogee of imagination in this area.

For a completely different aesthetic, step forward Richard Kern, an underground photographer who has produced a sort of erotic ‘map’ of New York by photographing girls from each of its various neighbourhoods (does any other city in the world have such immediately recognisable sub-districts?). By most erotic standards, that is a creditably original approach, and although you may disagree with the element of stereotyping that Kern employs (with certain neighbourhoods deemed to contain certain types of girl), this unique format is very much worthy of further investigation.

Anonymous nude of wife. She reveals her butt crack with natural hairy flora. She must be from Ekaterinburg.

I suppose if you had to select a city where you might find some wild girls willing to pose naked for you, NYC would be near the top of the list. The place is teeming with chic urban chicks, and Kern seems to have the happy knack of convincing them to get their kit off. For amateurs, the models on this site are certainly very good looking, and Kern seems to have a thing for larger boobed girls. The images are highly professional, and in many cases a little bit edgier than you might find elsewhere with plenty of imaginative use of dark shadows and creative locations. That said, there is a surprisingly domestic feel to some of the shoots, as if Kern alternately indulges his softer or darker sides, perhaps depending on the sort of model he’s working with (or maybe his mood, who knows).

The movies are a little on the short side, which is something of a shame as the documentary style employed is fairly intriguing when compared to the standard clips of photo shoots seen on other sites. Things get a little more explicit here too, with some of the girls willing to masturbate on camera. It’s really on the technical side that things start to look less than stellar: neither the photo nor video resolution is comparable to most artistic sites, and some of the galleries are a little on the small side. Nor are there any video captures or scene descriptions, but the keyword search is at least helpful. More concerning is the question of whether this site is currently updating. The content is not dated, and perhaps tellingly the journal entries cease in 2005. Nonetheless, there is plenty to enjoy in this unique and highly erotic insight into one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Kern successfully captures the various atmospheres of this great city, producing an original and compelling collection.

Visit: New Nude City (site has bee discontinued)

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