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Bikini Dare is one of the oldest beach bikini sites on the net, having been online since 2002. Since that time it has amassed a huge amount of footage shot in sun, sea and sex hotspots like Malaga and Benidorm, but also a few in more cultural but less exotic locations such as Zeeland and Rotterdam in Holland. The format has remained unchanged in that time: they take half a dozen or so girls on each trip, shoot a mixture of solo pictures and ones with the girls all together.

secluded beach
Thee babes taking a dip into the rocky bach with micro strings.

There is a real exhibitionist flavour to the content, with ‘public’ locations (not just outdoor ones) used, typically busy beaches and resorts, though there is some more secluded action at private swimming pools or on boats by the coast. There is plenty of toplessness, but not much in the way of full frontal nudity except in the more private shoots; but the style of the virtually non-existent micro-bikinis is such that you can basically see the ladies’ boobs and pussies anyway. The models are a nice collection, though they don’t all look like amateurs as is claimed, and one or two are getting on a bit in fact. Some of the models are labelled ‘contributors’, but it’s not entirely clear how or why this is different to any of the other content. There is quite a lot of gentle playfulness between the girls (though nothing especially raunchy), and a great feature is the way the models sometimes interact with the lucky locals. The latest photos are lovely looking 1500-pixels shots; the older ones are 1024 pixels. Most galleries have lots of images in them (typically more than a hundred), and each of the models usually has lots of galleries too.

Four chicks show of their thongs and micros in Panama Beach, FL.

The videos are a mixture of posing stuff and more candid, behind the scenes footage of the girls walking around, getting ready for the shoot, chatting to people and so on. Sometimes the material has a saucy travel documentary feel to it, though there’s nothing particularly explicit going on in the main. The videos tend to be quite short, actually, though a large chunk of the huge movie archive is available in a fantastic high definition format. Updating frequency has varied over the years, but they tend to add something most days from nude beaches. Video updates currently outnumber photo updates by about two to one. The site does look a little dated, and there are some navigational issues (including an absence of vidcaps and tiny thumbnails), but apart from that accessing the content isn’t especially problematic.

Overall, Bikini Dare should please all lovers of girls wearing skimpy bikinis. I like the way this site and others like it have so many shoots with several girls, and the level of exhibitionism here definitely gives Bikini Dare an edge over some of its competitors. Even better, the site offers a loyalty discount on recurring memberships.

Visit: Bikini Dare

swinger wife micro
Seduction at the swimming pool.

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