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It’s pretty much the classic amateur porn site blueprint. Take one horny housewife with no objection to being filmed while fucking, throw up your website, and you’re 99% of the way to internet stardom. The woman in question is Kelly Anderson, a bisexual 30-year-old from Florida who is blonde, medium height and very cute. Kelly provides plenty of background biographical info about herself, so if a woman who likes shy guys and tattoos (are those two compatible?), as well as big bulges (whatever that means, though I can guess), and men who like to go down, this could be the one for you.

Kelly enjoys being eaten out during 69 position in master bedroom.

The site is essentially a weekly updated video documentary of Kelly’s sex life with her husband Shawn (the first guy to cum on her face, which apparently convinced her he was suitable marriage material), together with the occasional girlfriend who comes to spice things up for the couple and the site’s members. Excellent scene descriptions written by Kelly herself are provided, and she maintains a blog as well to keep members even more updated about her sexual goings on. The picture content isn’t dated and there’s a little less of it than movies, so it looks like the video clips are the priority here. Most of the scenes are of Kelly and Shawn having sex, and they seem to be a suitably imaginative couple when it comes to the bedroom, with lots of footjobs and the like in amongst the more routine fucking. The couple get involved in threesomes (or more) quite regularly, and the odd update is of Kelly pleasuring herself on her own. The variety in terms of locations and action is important given that the focus is mostly on Kelly and her hubby, though she has a fair few horny friends too it would appear (check out the four-girl Christmas romp if you don’t believe me).

Video quality is fine – certainly no more amateurish than you’d expect from this level of production. As mentioned, the picture content seems to take something of a backseat, though there are approximately a hundred galleries at the date of review and, although the earlier images don’t look too clever, the latest ones are nice 1600 pixels digital shots. Photo galleries are a mixture of posed and candid stuff. What you really look for on solo sites is a sense of involvement, of being allowed into the naughty world of the woman. Thankfully Kelly provides that in abundance, and she definitely seems to have the looks, kinkiness and professionalism to be a real success. This is an entertaining and addictive site that many other amateur sites could learn from.

kelly anderson
Kelly Anderson is known to interact with her fans on webcam.

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