Bodypainting from Angeles City

First they had pool parties and wet t-shirt contest in the Philippines adult resorts, but nowadways, bars are concealing naughty and lewd shows under umbrella of art: bodypainting. Club Atlantis in Angeles City is conducting weekly bodypaining contest showcasing it’s finest spotlight models clad with waterpaint, only. Spotlight dancers carry a pricetag of 3000 Piso barfine per night. Previously hookers were called bargirls. Now they are spotlight models: Lastly, it is entertaining: aquapaint comes off of Filipina breasts rather easily after sweaty intercourse and shower with soapy foams. God bless barfines with green cards. Angeles City 2012.

atlantis club angeles
Group of Filipina bargirls onstage in Atlantis Nightclub during their body painting contentest in 2011. Cortesy of

FB nudes and Flickr Whores
Some years ago, World Sex Guide was the only source for internet users who were looking for information on adult nightlife in Taiwan, Tokyo, Pattaya and Saipan. Then it was Google who provided a wealth of information with links, but now it’s more or less a mix of social networks and file sharing sites. Youtube offers great search tools for videos about bargirls, bars and red-light districts like Pattaya and Geylang. Flickr hosts many interesting user groups with members sharing their private Facebook nudes of Asian girlfriends, bargirls, whores, ex-wives. All you need is a Yahoo email ID. Then it’s free to view bargirl pussy from Flickr. They kinda make it difficult to access adult content, but there are thousands of interesting nudie pix of hot girls and naughty sluts. Most of this content has never been published on other sites so it’s pretty fresh. A portal that makes referrals to stolen hooker and Thai bargirls pix: Pattaya Bargirls.

Tumblr Picture Blog: Filipina Bargirls

Wanchai Escort – What to expect from Chinese prostitutes
Wait a second, Chinese girls are sexy and beautiful. But how about their performance between sheets? Are they good in sex? Chinese hooker: That’s a good question and it all comes down to their education. If you catch a normal Chinese girl from the mainland, chances are she won’t know what a blowjob is and maybe she is not even very clean. Language barrier does the rest and she might just insist to have time pass by to collect her fee and off she is without doing much then testing a punter’s patience. However, most of the time Chinese escorts are very well worth their money and top notch sex machines without taboo. They are eager to do a good job and it would be very bad for their reputation to receive a negative feedback.
Being in a Shanghai massage parlor is great fun with a Chinese beauty giving a handjob. Maybe you can get her phone number for a private rendezvous at a later time 🙂 It’s cheaper than escort and the same satisfaction in yours.
Escorts from Hong Kong are available in Kowloon and Wanchai.Private apartments with girls for massage sex are all over Mongkok, but not too many Chinese bargirls speak English. For this you maybe better up with Filipina freelancers in Wanchai pubs and discos. Have adult fun in Hong Kong. It’s fun.

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