Are Asian Camgirls Whores?

Many people claim camgirls are prostitutes. Why is that? Firstly, there is some historic correlation between webcams and bars in Asia. Some of the first Asian chat sites started out in Angeles City Philippines. Balibago village hosts one of Asia’s biggest red-light districts and Filipino women are fluent in English. Historically, Filipinas were always seeking love abroad to escape poverty in the Philippines by marriage or relationship to a foreigner. Some smart business people turned this into a great idea. They tried to turn Filipina mail-order brides into chat girls for sites like Jade Cool and Honey Dolls. Latter became Asian Babe Cams (read review) and is one of the biggest Asian Chat sites until today. Because the first cam studios started in Angeles City, the percentage of bargirls working online was very large, initially. The amount of money for online chat was way more attractive than working as bargirls – actually, way bigger salaries were paid to first generation Filipina camgirls than to regular bank employees in the Philippines. In the meantime competition among cam studios and platforms has risen enormously and margins are under pressure.

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Pinay amateur logs on her keyboard for private chat in the nude. She says, she was never a bargirl ever.

Per-minute chat times have lowered from 3 US$ to below 1 Dollar so landscape has been changing. Now, being a bargirl has become more attractive over being a chat host. Therefore most camgirls today are freelancers, college girls, single mothers and regular employees who seek sideline income from home. Also, cam studios are becoming lesser and more girls are working from their own homes for privacy and security. Most camstudios in the Philippines are no longer run by foreigners as before, but by Filipinos. As you see, a lot of changes have happened in Filipino cyber sex. It’s a huge business, but one thing is for sure: online chat girls are mostly amateurs and no longer prostitutes – even if conservative politicians and religious minds consider chatting the same as prostitution.

Is it acceptable to take whore pictures and publish them on forums and world sex guide?
Been thinking about this a question alot. Most Asian bar girls will pose for you naked without problems, others will politely deny your request. Some, will pose nude, but ask you not to put them online. So there are a lot of variations on how to obtain images from temporary girlfriends. Filipina ass of whore I would say, it’s ok to publish them as long as girls con’t object and their faces are not visible. If they are ok to have their image taken, then it’s also ok to show their faces. After all they are bargirls and whores who are making a living from their reputation. If a sex tourist posts their image and writes they performed great sex it’s advertising for her. A lot of brothers will read that and flock into her bar to pick her up and give her a test drive. She becomes a bargirl celebrity and makes more money. That’s why you see many world sex guides posting ‘girl of the month‘ or ‘bargirl spotlight‘ features with popular Filipina whores from Angeles City and Makati. Recently, I was reading about those kind of sites from the Philippines adult nitelife circuit here: Filipina Sex Guide.

Cyber Sex Dens Philippines: Filipina Camgirls marry chat partners

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Three waitresses inside Typhoon bar in Angeles City. Behind them is a stage full of bikini dancers aka as Filipina bargirls.

Hello from Fields Avenue: Welcome to my whore mongering blog about Asian bargirl pussy. I will share with you my sexual experiences with bargirls from Angeles City in the Philippines. Here it’s like paradise. An endless supply of horny Asian pussy waiting and willing to have sex with me and my brothers. I feel so bad when I write this. Hopefully, you are not too jealous. See you in a couple of days.

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