Cosita Rica is the online version of a popular (apparently) nude magazine in Panama and not from Costa Rica! If I understand it correctly. The names resemblance to that of another small country who also sucked in the soccer world cup must be purely coincidental. Someone asked for it so we searched long and hard for real Panama babes last night (no really) and eventually ended up here. (Ok so maybe Im just making this up). The site has an English version, which is a good help, however I kept getting Spanish text even after having selected the English. Didnt really matter of course, once you’ve browsed through a certain amount of sites, its a cinch to find the naked stuff real quick even if the site is completely in Chinese.

First off, they have a small selection of exclusive models, currently 22 girls. Theyre not all the cute young latina babes youd hope for though, just one or two. A few housewives who seemed to enjoy posing nude is also on here, but in most cases it appears to be hookers unattractive, bored looking women shot in cheap hotel rooms if Im wrong here I apologize. Theres some cuties, but its not easy to tell when the model is often hiding her face, wearing masks, wigs, hats, sunglasses and shit. Dunno whats up with that. Actually I do, theyre worried someone might recognize them. Big deal! Or perhaps the law is very strict down there when it comes to porn. Anyway, try the preview link above to see their current models. The photos are all quite poor, as Im sure you can tell from these two samples. Mostly just one set of photos on each girl, sometimes with a short mpeg. The additional slideshow feature with familiar pics (of Aria, etc) in 100200 size was useless. The ads popping up constantly on every page are annoying too.

Other than photos, all the actual texts, interviews and editorial contents from the magazine all come in spanish ofcourse, but its not too hard to understand the jist of what theyre saying; COSITARICA PANAMA es una revista a nivel nacional, que también cuenta con una edición digital de alcance mundial en This means something like The best adult magazine with hot locas in Panama is now online !

A new edition of the magazine is published every month. Joining is cheap, $4 for a week, $15 for half a year. If youre reluctant to part with your credit card info here, heres some good news: You dont even need to whip your CC out for this one! Theres a page with a list of video stores you can just go into and pay for the site membership in hard cash and get a brown envelope with the secret entry code. The only catch being all the stores that will accept memberships are in Panamá City. Again: Only $15 for six months. I didnt like the site much, still think theyre selling themselves cheap here, but maybe fifteen bucks is alot of money in Panama. Shoot more models, with a better camera, lose the wigs and up the price a bit.

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