I’m not sure exactly what Xisty means, or even how to pronounce it, but I’m not going to dwell too long on that as I want to concentrate fully on the truckload of sexy European babes they offer on. Although it’s a fairly soft production, there seems to be plenty of content available, and judging from the design things look extremely professional.

Like a few other glamour sites out there, and I’m reminded of Only Cuties in particular, Xisty has a mixture of solo, lesbian and hardcore content, though they seem to be favouring the solo stuff more of late. The quality of the presentation is reflected in a very impressive showing in terms of the pictures, which are sharp 2000-pixel efforts and very nice looking indeed. The colours are appealingly warm, and there are plenty of images per gallery too. Though they don’t have any models you won’t see elsewhere, they do have a great selection of gorgeous girls who I at least would never tire of seeing naked.

outdoor spread
Tight babe Veronika Simon spreads her legs on the stairs up to Prague castle

I was expecting the high quality to extend to the videos, and by and large I wasn’t disappointed. As mentioned, there is good variety to this collection, and as long as you aren’t hoping for mostly hardcore stuff I think you shouldn’t have many complaints. The solo work is not especially softcore, so expect plenty of dildo use, pissing and even some self-fisting. Swanky outdoor locations are used fairly often, and there are a few shower scenes too. I’m not convinced the material is entirely exclusive, but absolutely no compromises have been made in terms of quality.

The site is fairly easy to use, though there are a few quirks. For instance, the standard and high definition videos are in different sections, despite containing the same clips by and large. They also offer a small number of their most popular photo sets at the higher resolution of 3000 pixels, but for some reason they are available as ZIP files only. However, there is plenty of extra content besides the photos and videos, including some wallpapers and bit of behind the scenes material.

Daily updates are offered, alternating between a new gallery and a new video clip every day, which is good to see. In fact it really looks like a lot of effort has gone into this very professional site. Though they don’t do anything extravagantly original here, the sexiness of the girls and the high standards of both the photos and videos put Xisty very near the top of the pile of great quality glamour sites.

Sample image of a cute brunette nude amateur from the original site/

Xisty has ceased operation long time ago. Some images are still available on Tumblr tagged with Xisty. Oh, and one more thing that is wrong on the internet: The Urban dictionary says the meaning of the word Xisty means as much as dirreah. Bastards they are. They should have looked at the site when it was still online.

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