Sexy Tease

Suburban Sluts

Sure they’re all sluts. And I’m sure they’re all from the suburbs. That being said, the original content on this site is pretty impressive. The models fulfill all the essential criteria of British Porn: schoolgirl outfits, slim big breasted women, lingerie, footwear, ass and leg shots. Pretty decent age range too (18 to 39), with no apologies. And subject matter is a nice mix of softcore and hardcore, although those searching for… Read More

More beautiful Women

Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s very possible that you disagree with me; but I think these women are extremely hot and generally very sexy in appearance. I have never seen women in a porn movie who are so inherently attractive – even clothed – as these. Mainstream movies are better made A typical porn movie is shot on a single handheld prosumer video camera –… Read More

Hairy Barbie

The Hair Bare Bunch a.k.a Why Barbie Has No Pubes: I have a theory about men’s pubic hair preferences. I think that a young man’s first exposure to naked womanhood in a sexual context sets his subconscious expectations for what a woman should be like – and defines what he will find most attractive for the rest of his life. I well remember as a very young man – perhaps around eleven… Read More

Smart people like sex too

As you will no doubt be aware, it is currently winter in Poland and the rest of Europe. Here it’s been a particularly long and cold one near Poznan. We’ve been buried in snow, over and over again and had to cancel our trips to Warsaw and Krakov. But I’m really enjoying this winter. You see last fall, we installed an outdoor sauna, and I’ve spent many happy hours sweating it out… Read More

Spencer Tunick and mass public nudity in Mexico

Let me take a break from porn and talk about nudity instead 🙂 There’s been quite a lot of media coverage recently of Spencer Tunick’s latest mass-nudity art installation in Mexico City. I thought it might be interesting to share my experiences taking part in the 2001 Montreal affair. For background, I was brought up in a somewhat naturist family and don’t really have any issue with being seen naked myself. I’m… Read More