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bikini dream

If you’ve ever wandered along a beach and spotted a sexy girl in a bikini walking towards you, you’ll know the classic dilemma. Do you stare at her barely covered boobs for the quick thrill, guaranteeing yourself a look of disgust from the lady in question? Or take the moral high ground and look only at her face or even distractedly into the distance? (Don’t say sunglasses help – everyone knows women have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing what we men are gawping at behind shades). Such a problem, but not so at Bikini Dream, where the girls are bikini-clad, sexy, and guaranteed not to disapprove of you checking out their stunning curves.

Cancun sunset
String bikinis look great during sunset

Most of the content on this site is non-nude, though that is only in the strict sense as plenty of the bikinis on show wouldn’t spare the modesty of a malnourished fly. Lots of the models (who are American, I think, and usually ample of chest) take their tops off, but they cover up the goods with their hands or hair. There are a few candid beach and Spring Break pictures and videos sprinkled amongst the earlier updates, presumably to flesh things out as the site was getting started, and there’s some toplessness and full nudity to be found there.

Most of the shoots are on the beach, as you would expect, and I did like the way some of them are taken in the darker hours which can make for some very striking images. There isn’t a real public nudity element here like with Filipina dancers, though – the beaches are usually entirely deserted. Gallery sizes for the glamour shoots tends to be quite small, though the candid beach and party ones are usually in excess of 100 images each. Picture resolution is the not exactly stellar 1024 pixels.

spring break cancun
Amateur on the beach

The technical quality of the videos varies quite markedly on this site too. A few of the glamour videos are in high definition (though for some reason they aren’t identified as being such), and while the quality of the lower-resolution candid stuff is good, that of the non-high def glamour clips is distinctly average. I quite enjoyed the long video taken at Miami Beach, though, one of the few spots in America where public nudity is permitted. Updates arrive regularly if not frequently, with roughly every other new photo update also having a corresponding video. Though looking back into the archives, it looks like photo-only updates predominated for quite a while, which explains the relative lack of videos on this site. Navigation is basic, with no search or model index, though the site itself looks pleasant enough. What to make of Bikini Dream, then? It’s a pleasant enough site, really, if you can tolerate the lack of nudity, though in two very important respects (quality, updates) it could do with raising its game just a tad.

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Alexis looks athletic in string

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