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The first thing a girl needs to be before she can have her own site is hot. She needs to be wicked hot with a great body and a lust for pleasure that most men would be amazed by. I know for sure that Club Katsuni stars an Asian babe with a wicked hot body and it’s a whole lot of fun just to visit the tour page to check her out. She’s got a sexy trailer to get you all hot and horny and there are some free pictures to sample too. This is going to be a fun review.

Katsuni ass

The member’s area is uncomplicated and pretty. The colors are well chosen and of course there are pictures of Katsuni all over. You can check out her blog on the main page along with her most recent picture and video updates. You get one or the other every week which means you’re looking at two new picture sets and two new videos a month. That’s not quite enough but there’s a boatload of bonus content so that will soften the blow. You’re going to need them too because this site isn’t all that old so Katsuni hasn’t had a ton of time to build a big collection of content for you.

There are 29 videos so far but a handful of them don’t feature Katsuni at all. In the descriptions they said that Katsuni was on set for the filming of the scene. That’s nice, but if you’re joining the site I’m pretty sure you want to see a whole lot of the Asian goddess and not much of the other girls that might be in the member’s area. That’s more something for the bonus sites. Still, for a site that launched just a couple months ago (January 2009) there’s plenty of sexy video action. Katsuni does both softcore and hardcore sets and when you see her wrap those lips around a hard dick you’ll forget everything else and just dream of what it would be like to fuck the Asian goddess.

If you’ve been to the tour then you’ve seen her body but it’s worth noting that she looks truly amazing naked. Her tits are big and perky, her tummy is wicked tight, her waist is slim and her legs are long and soft. In her solo scenes she’s always modeling something sexy and I really like her taste in lingerie. It’s always delicate and feminine with a hint of sluttiness. If you want a really good time check out the scene she did with busty babe Melissa Lauren. The two of them get wild and crazy together.

Joining Club Katsuni means that you get access to 13 other sites, all of which feature videos and pictures. There are three other hot pornstar official sites, several hardcore sex sites and an enormous collection of downloadable videos that feature some of the most glamorous and beautiful women on the planet sucking cock and fucking. As a value proposition it’s a great deal if you like hardcore porn. There are even other Asian pornstars featured.

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