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Women of the Philippines are referred to as “Filipina” or Pinay” girls. Add an “s” at the end for the plural version of the word. Browsing the internet the most often found terms regarding Filipinas and sex is the term “scandal”, probably. Thanks to very conservative and extremist influences of religions like right wing catholics and muslims, any sort of indecent exposure is already labeled a “scandal”. That could be as little as talking naughty or as much as having a sexual affair. For most people it would be a graphic display of nudity or sex. While such real sex scandals do happen, most of them are fake or hyped by media to boost sales and ratings.

In reality the most nudity the audience gets from Pinay celebs is bikini style tease like shown in FHM magazine, maybe a little bit of implied nudity as shown and heavily blurred by the tame Philippine Playboy edition. Don’t understand this wrong: Pinay celebs look stunning and sexy. Who would not want to see Angel Locsin, Gwen Garci or Myles Hernandez naked? However, the results are disappointing. As said, many fakes are in circulation.

nude filipina
Manila amateurs are way more revealing than Pinay celebrities in their scandals.

The real Filipina sex action takes place among amateurs. Either by semi-professional photographers who seek to make a living from exposing the beauty of exotic Island girls. One of the most famous models in this category was the Visayan model Tetcha who once posed nude for European editions of Playboy magazine. Westerners admired her for her romantic looks and sheer Pacific beauty. Many photographers dream about finding similar models during their travels to the Philippines. They step into an open playing field. Many Filipina women are very photo friendly and photogenic. That’s why there are a lot of Asian amateur sites with fresh Filipina nudes and sexy bikini poses.

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Some travel agencies even advertise tours for photographers who want to find models in the Philippines. On the surface it’s all bikini and sexy, but many are open for nudity as well. More adventurous shooters travel to the Phills on their own to find models via social platforms, freelance portals or simply by talking to girls in shopping mall. There is also a small number of guys who take the easy route by recruiting bargirls for shoots that go beyond just being naked. You know what is meant.

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The amount of models from the Philippines that are amateurs is far greater than the Pinay celebs and their fabricated scandals. Maybe it’s time to look for amateurs rather than for celebrities.

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