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Asian Video Mountain: A pile or heap with loads of Japanese videos. “We bring the videos to your computer” as they say, a slogan almost impossible to misunderstand. The tour is full of big tits otherwise, this is why I wanted to check out the rest of the site to begin with. After entering “Asian hardcore movies tits” or similar in Google and this site was listed on the first page. I find big tits in general very fascinating but whenever they’re attached to Tokyo babes, it gives good vibes.

Kind of a standard preview seen here, and way too similar to the sort of tour all the junk “Asian mega sites” got, the types who – yet another reminder about this in case you’re new – make a million promises then deliver leased video feeds and ten years old photos from Usenet or shit stolen off another site. Going back and forth in the AVtower preview does not make any dreaded popups show their ugly face, they don’t use any and this of course is a good sign. The updates page shows 10 full movies were added during last week, another positive thing. Good FAQ page too. 100% multiple fiber OC-192 non-blocking global backbone, 9-12 new movies update weekly, guaranteed. No idea what the first thing means but it sounds bad-ass. “The secret new experimental plane featured a prototype OC92 non-blocking backbone fiber wing span”. Surprisingly downloads don’t get cut off or slowed down terribly with this much multifiber in the backbones.

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Well naturally there’s no own-produced completely exclusive material available in the ‘tower. Since I’ve looked at a lot of video sites the last months I’m starting to recognize some video titles that all the “real” Asian movie sites are apparently offering. Huge selection here though, hundreds of movies of varying lengths in a dozen categories (lesbian, teen, mature, bigtits, hentai, voyeur, fetishes etc.) Everything has both stream as well as several download choices available to you. Windows Media Player 9 format, with separate sets of files for wmp7.1 and above, & wmp6.4-and below users respectively. The streams play “embedded”, as you can see from saved screen dumps on this page. The standard way with the “whole” player launching separately, which it does too but only when left-clicking on the 300k download.

Downloadable files have two formats – WMV300K and more recent additions also have the “High Quality” 640×480 version, which uses and requires XVID codec. No full-movie as one big file-option is available, 3-5 sometimes 10 smaller files to download or stream, on every movie. Quality isn’t the highest I’ve seen at these asian video sites but perfectly watchable -from average to good to very good only not incredibly great. Later updates are all encoded from DVD sources and obviously look significantly better than older vids you will also come across. Unless your modem doesn’t allow for big downloads, in which case you will likely have a lot of use for the 56k/100k version videos that are also available for every movie. Seriously though, what are you doing on a broadband video site with that shitty connection? What were you thinking? Time to start thinking about upgrading. Nice with all the options, I felt perhaps one “extra-super-high” option was missing for the dated material. Definitely getting the impression these guys do give a fuck about their members though, you wouldn’t be seeing all this effort spent on delivering every damn movie in all those different formats and bitrates etc. if they didn’t.

This movie with Mariko Itsuki lasts for almost one hour.

They could afford to show the video captures (4 for each movie) in a large size, they’re not really useful now, smaller than thumbnails. Perhaps possible to see whether or not a title is uncensored, as they do not make any notes about it anywhere. 70% “AV”, 30% regular hardcore the guy who runs the site says in an email. Btw there are no download limits, this became important for me recently when I had a fast connection installed in the mansion. There’s no proper model directory with names provided this time either, the search function makes it a quick job finding what – if anything – is available of your favorites. I’d still have a lot of use for a full overview page with girls names with any & all available movie titles listed right under them. This reviewer was pleased to note several titles he had previously only gotten hold of shorter samples from (through another site mentioned way too many times), were shown in their entirety at AVTower. The 250+ movies listed under the Big Breasts category were also exciting. Lots in there I’d be plowing through if I didn’t know I had half several other asian video sites left to look through this week.

Yeah that’s one reason you’d have for joining ($30 per month), even if you already collected a thousand of these movies there’s bound to be plenty of news to see still. If you’re very particular about quality and it must be the absolute highest bitrates and crystal clear picture etc every time, there are other options to consider, but they may not have half the selection of movies as this site. People who lack a fast enough connection for online video but with a penchant for any AV should also consider trying this one out a month, because of the three different bitrates option for every movie. Or if diskspace is an issue you would no doubt also have good use for a site like this where everything can be streamed. To those completely new but curious about AV etc, This site may be a good start-off point. Basically anybody would get a lot out of giving this one a try really. 5-600 movies offered in total, I’d estimate, hard to count exactly how many, not sure how much was listed in more than one category either but all in all I refuse to believe anyone would find time to watch everything on the site. If all this stuff was to be recorded onto VHS tapes then stacked on top of one another, the pile (tower) would become high enough to reach the moon.

Visit Homepage: http://www.avtower.com/

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