Global Prostitution

International Sex Guide, World Sex Archives and Dexter Horn were some of the infamous message boards where punters were able to exchange blo-by-blow reports of stripclub adventures, Philippines sex vacations and Canadian brothels. Some stuff has made it to this section for sensual travel fans. May the juice be with you.

Cuban Hookers

Fellow mongering companeros, I have good & bad news from Santiago. First the bad news: chicas are quite scared of police in SdC right now. (Yes, can you believe it? Has the final fucktier gone to shit now? god I hope not). Most avoided eye contact with me, no sticking of tongues out either . I was hoping the scene would be better than my last visit last Xmas break, but alas,… Read More

Adult Travel 2005

TsmTravel was more than a decade old in 2005 and still growing strong. They were getting close to 10,000 post on our a board and with photos. With all the world turmoil now, they observed a new trend. Many of are now buying property outside of the U.S. There was no doubt (for us who travel, we know this all to well) that our image (U.S.) is now tarnished and to be… Read More

Sex in Cuba

A lot of us have heard that Cuba is one of the hot spots for carnal fun travelers. This is so, however Cuba has its ups and downs depending on the crackdowns it endures every so often. What may true about the sex scene today, can be different tomorrow. Its been a hit and miss lately. In the early 90’s it was said that you could get laid for an ice cube,… Read More

Aruba Sex Guide

Just got back from little business in Aruba. I didn’t go to San Nicholas, (Red lite dist) I used a in-call service. Just get a free copy of Aruba Today Newspaper. It’s free in every hotel lobby. in the back classified ads, there are about 5 e/s services listed. on my last trip, I used Haven Massage. Very happy, non clock watcher. 120 per hour. Took a few photos XXX – she… Read More

Antigua Sex

Mucho action available in Antigua for great prices. The main Whore Houses are Bruce’s Men’s club & Casino, Stables, and two other clubs in town.(can’t remember the names) Bruce’s is best as the owner handpicks the girls from Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Guyana, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. For the best looking girls, get there by 9pm, as the best are taken away for the night early. $100 local currency ($30 US dollars)… Read More

Tijuana Sextour

So you wanna go to TJ, this simple guide with photos will give you an idea of what to expect. Is it safe? Do I need to speak Spanish? Is it hard to find the brothels? These are all questions the first time visitor asks. Some guys never attempt to visit Mexico as a result of these questions. It is safe if you take a taxi after dust. Many of the women… Read More

Costa Rica Sex

rostitution in Costa Rica is both abundant and legal. Unlike the US where the government decides career choices for it’s citizens rather than letting the citizens decide for themselves, the Costa Rican ladies are free to offer their services of sex without the government poking their noses into their bedroom windows to see what they are up to. While many women in the US and other countries become sex workers because of… Read More