Whorehouses and other World Sex Guide related articles about hookers, stripclubs and prostitution. Blow to blow report from punters visiting the most exlcusive sexclubs in the World. A sex vacation in Germany or Brazil is cheaper than you think and its legal like getting a hair cut.

German Sex Guide

Germany is the most frequently visited destination for European sex vacations. Men can enjoy multiple rounds of intercourse with as many women as they can bear. It’s said dome guys just get their viagra prescription to get the max out of their holiday trip to the Krauts.

The Dumas Brothel

The Dumas is an historic American brothel built during the Victorian era in 1890, in what can only be described as brothel style architecture. The Dumas has (42) rooms, each with a distinct layout and purpose, and nearly all are intact to their original design. These rooms range from posh suites and grand parlors, to bare-bone “cribs” -tiny rooms with space only for a twin size bed. Until the mid 1980’s, the… Read More