Bonk My Asian

Filipina girls are easily persuaded to pose naked for images. It’s a bit harder with Thai and Indonesian chicks, but there is an abundance of Asian Girlfriend nudes on the internet for free that it is absolutely amazing.

Kat Gutierrez

Most of the focus seems to be shining on Kat Gutierrez as one of the major Import Icons models. Her exotic mix of half American half Filipino descent will leave you gasping. If I had to critique her body, I wouldn’t find a single flaw about her. Stunning in my eyes. Yes ok, weve established her beauty transcends time but is her site actually any good? Well if it’s similar to the… Read More

Hot Filipino Girlfriend

There are many ways how ex-girlfriend images make their way into public domain. One of them is the most frequent: a wife catches her cheating husband by breaking into his computer where she finds nudes of his girlfriends and mistresses. For revenge she posts them online. The mistresses believe it is the guys and they break up with him. Read more about this incredible story of an exposed Asian ex-girlfriend from the Philippines.