Month: March 2019

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Pee Lovers

Natural champagne sparkles just like apple juice. Drinking it gives strength and power beyond imagination.

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santos street
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EDSA Bars in Manila

When Filipinas dance in bikinis on a stage they are most likely bar girls and hookers. The EDSA Complex compound is the first whore house in Manila, Philippines. Gotta know what to expect.

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German Sex Guide

Germany is the most frequently visited destination for European sex vacations. Men can enjoy multiple rounds of intercourse with as many women as they can bear. It’s said dome guys just get their viagra prescription to get the max out of their holiday trip to the Krauts.

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The Best Filipina Camgirls

There is no doubt: The best performers on Asian Babe Cams are Filipinas! This article presents the scoop about the top rated and most underrated Filipina camgirls online in 2018.

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Nature Nudes

Jane aka Olia is climbing the tree just like Eve in Garden Eden, totally naked. Nature for purists of trees and human anatomy freaks are highly satisfied with this green nude shooting.

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milk running down brown butt
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Prime Filipina Ass

Unlike most Orientals the women of The Philippines don’t have a flat behind. Filipina asses are round and sexy and mostly brown. Great to hold in the palm of a hand.

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