Month: February 2019

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Japanese Erotica

Mistresses of Ninjas and Samurai show sophistication between sheets.

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Latina Porn Reviews

Brazilian chicks and other Latin chicas are the icing of a candy cake when it comes to the hotness of spicy women.

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Wired Pussy

A classical epos of perversion. Claps that electrify horny women. Is that pain or pleasure? That’s not enough. They are blind folded and roped up. And how about some hot wax on their sensitive pale skin? Now, we are talking pain.

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Good BDSM Reviews

Spanking a bad student for her poor grades: Is it pleasure or pain and for whom? Sadism and Masochism are close by sensations when it comes to lustful living.

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Athens Girls

Some crazy shit from Greece. Models pissing and urinating before and after sex. Fountains of love juices in your face and dripping down your throat.

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VSex Review

Virtual reality with webcam girls, does that exist. The first peek into a home with VR cameras.

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Japanese Escorts

Fuzoku is the Japanese expression for love attendants. They are different from escorts. It’s complicated to explain, but this article does a great job in providing an introduction to Tokyo brothels and soaplands. Wlecome to the realm of the Yakuza.

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