Jeremy Roddick

It’s true that a name like Jeremy Roddick stands out on its own, but not until you get behind the members curtain do you fully appreciate the uniqueness of this site! Unless you happen to be familiar with the name Jeremy Roddick, it’s unlikely that you would be able to guess what his site is about. But it only takes a click or two to realize that this party is just for boyz and those who love ’em!

I ordinarily don’t assign the “twink” designation unless a site maker promotes and delivers on that theme, but in this case, even though the tour does not seem to mention “twink” or gay boys overtly, they certainly DO DELIVER on this topic. All the young guys are 18 or slightly older and sweeties indeed. The name of the game here is young man-on-man lovemaking with all the usual trimmings. After checking out the bulk of the offerings, it’s fair to say that this collection is genuinely devoted to young gay guys getting it on. This site has been around for a while, but according to the maker, there has been a recent retooling (as it were) to make the members area much more friendly.

Personally, I could not imagine so many sweet faces (and asses and cocks) being any friendlier, but now, members can enjoy even larger sized movies than before. And both Mac and PC users get to watch without being left out. Another recent enhancement to the members’ collection is that flicks can now be downloaded. Overall, I would say the make over has been a success and you can also check out the blog which also helps keep a personal connection with members and those thinking about it. The episodes typically involve two young guys laying back and letting things happen in whatever way feels best for the moment. Some of the boys definitely qualify for twink status, but don’t be surprised to see some seriously ripped abs and muscular builds on the lads.

Exhaustive man to man sex in doggy style position

These guys may start out tenderly, but before long, their mouths are firmly planted on each others’ dicks and after working their smooth cocks into horny erections, the take turns stuffing each other’s ass in a number of innovative (and inspiring) sexual positions. There are plenty of sharp photos to catch every deed in step-by-step mode, but the videos are probably going to make your fave list. After all, the sound of gay sex is just as hot as the visuals. The cumshot is delivered in just as many different ways as the asses are poked here. Some of the guys like to show off their specialties, but you’ll have to get behind the members curtain to find out what they’re all about. $29.95 is the price of admission for 30 days and that is a great price considering all the hot young couples and awesome young gay male action. Jeremy Roddick might be a name tough to figure out at first, but once you’ve had a taste, it’s a name that’s hard to forget!

Sorry, but Jeremy has ceased to publish his websites as he retired from gay pornography. No further information is available about him.

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