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Ever fantasized about being a gym instructor wielding authority over a bunch of pretty young girls? Wondered what it might be like to have the power to make them undress and do all manner of sexy stretches and exercises at your whim? If so, Special Exercises is perfectly suited to getting you into a sweat – almost as much of a sweat as the girls on the site manage to work up in fact.

The site features a unique blend of sport and femdom action. There is relatively little variety to the scenes, with the girls stripping and doing various stretches or sporting activities at the behest of a dominant instructor. The exercises rarely get over-strenuous; the emphasis is very much on the nudity and the pseudo-brutality of the teacher. In fact the scenes are very much at the lighter end of the femdom fetish; there is a greater reliance on verbal humiliation and gentle shoving than strong physical restraint or the use of typical BDSM apparatus (though collars are used in quite a few scenes). Some of the material is shot outdoors in what appears to be public woods.

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It’s good to see that the girls themselves are mostly young and very attractive, with suitably thin and sporty figures. The instructor is almost invariably female and a little bit older than the girls, though she too tends to be quite sexy and in quite a few of the scenes takes her top off too to increase the nudity levels. Most of the videos feature just one or two girls, though in a couple there are five or more, which adds an extra frisson and is great on the flesh front. The scenes are quite long too, meaning the tension can build up nicely before things turn naked and nasty.

How about quality then? The videos have quite a large, unusually square resolution, and look fairly sharp, though there is definitely the hint of amateurishness about the filming. I was pleasantly surprised by the standard of the still photos, which are 2000 pixels and look amazing. Though it was disappointing to see that not all of the videos have a corresponding photo gallery and have merely a collection of vidcaps instead. This helps when it comes to choosing which scenes to download, however, as there is only one resolution offered and file sizes aren’t especially small.

The content is presented in a long list separated out into a few pages. There aren’t any categories, but that hardly matters as the content is pretty much all of a kind. Updating is acceptable too, with a new scene appearing every 8 days. So is Special Exercises worth your money? If you like the look of the content, the answer is definitely yes, since this is a pretty decent realisation of a relatively unexplored concept.

Visit: www.specialexercises.com

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