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Jerked Network is the headquarters for all Jerked sites, thrown together in one convenient location. All available for your entertainment, with just the click of a mouse, and the entering of a credit card. This site has all the themes you could hope for: hardcore, teens, big tits, enormous cocks, ebony, MILFs and many more! You can browse this site on a whim and find exactly what you didn’t realize you were looking for.

Just as your tastes can change from day to day, there are thousands of high-definition videos to satisfy whatever craving you are experiencing at the moment. Nobody here will judge you, nor will anyone hesitate to give you what you’ve needed so badly. These horny sluts love to fuck, and they’ll never disappoint you…unlike most girlfriends! This is a great site for the non-commitment types, because you never have to settle for one woman, or one specific theme. You can change your tastes as often as you change your boxers, if not more (ew!). If you’re feeling traditional, you can venture over to Boobs and Bottoms for awesome tits and ass. If you feel like a trouble maker, then maybe you’d be interested in checking out Handle My Wife, for a little unconventional fun. If you feel like getting crazy, then head over to Hardcore Hentai videos, or Goth Gang Bang to get your morbid little kicks off. There is a site for almost every fetish or fantasy imaginable, and you will be busy for days, if not months, checking out everything that Jerked Network has in store for you.

Shaved cougar rides a black stunt cock on Jerked.

For $39.95, you can have a month’s worth of unrestricted access to thousands upon thousands of high-definition videos on nearly any sexual theme you could possibly hope for. Your membership also gives you access to hundreds of thousands of high-quality pictures for downloading and enjoying. Nearly all of the included websites are updated weekly, so you will NEVER have a boring day with Jerked Network. Every site you visit will always have new girls featured, and there will always be at least one new video every week, for you to check out. If you can’t afford a month-long membership, or you don’t think you’ll need it for that long, they also offer a two-days-at-a-time membership for a low price.

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