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There are porn sites which are almost too professional. All the images are 1024 by 768 pixels. Exactly. All the series have 25 photos. In photo 3 the model shows a bit of cleavage, in image 7 you get to see a nipple and by image 25 she is, or maybe is not depending on the site, doing something with her pussy. Other sites are extremely amateurish. You don’t know where to go to find what is worth looking at; You don’t even know if there is anything worth looking at. At first sight Felicia Tang’s site appears to fit comfortably between these two extremes but the appearance is deceptive.

Black and white
That’s how tight her fans remember Singapore import model Felicia Tang (RIP).

When you click on “Photo gallery” you get five columns of thumbs linking to the photos but these are of uneven length for no apparent reason. When you click on one these thumbs yet get a set of very small thumbs for the images arranged in rows, also of uneven length. However, the images themselves have been well photographed and most are of a similar and quite large size; With 1008 pixels as largest dimension.

The sets are all “themed” and average 30 photos. There are over 30 series. All can be classed as “soft” and some as “very soft”. By “very soft” we mean you don’t get to see her pussy and by “soft” I mean you get to see it but not very explicitly and certainly no “showing pink”.

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The “About Felicia” section tells you, surprise, surprise, about Felicia. In the shop you can buy signed photos or items she has worn. As far as I can tell the video section is all “behind the scenes” type clips. There are galleries of about 20 friends with links to their own web sites. The “latest news” section tells where she has been for photo shoots or appearing at trade shows. There seems to be updates of photos of Felicia or her friends a few days each week. Membership costs $19.95 per month.

Like most one girl sites it depends on the girl. Felicia is one of the prettier and bustier Asian models. Her name comes from the Latin word “felix”, which means happy; And Felicia’s web site is certainly capable of making you happy. It’s a pity the Tang part of her name does not come from Latin tango which means to touch or besprinkle. Now, which of you would not want to be touched by Felicia and, not to put too fine a point on, besprinkle her.

We are sorry, but Felicia Tang died in 2009 and her website went offline thereafter. There is a blog about her on Tumblr that reposts some of her old images from various sources like Modfx Models and Lisa Boyle:

singapore erotica
Flawless from behind.

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